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Stories and Fantasy

Come enjoy a fantasy, get wrapped up in a hot erotic story. The Iron Gate brings authors and readers together in stories of Dominance, submission and kinky sex. Readers like you have donated their works of fiction. Got a story to share? Please submit it for addition to this page!

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The Gamblers 6 by Diana
Filed in: bondage, sm, series, testing, cropping

The library in my grandfather’s house was massive, about 30 feet long and 15 feet wide with an 18-foot-tall peaked ceiling. Crisscrossed beams ran the full length of it ceiling, creating opening[...]

The Gamblers 5 by Diana
Filed in: bondage, sm, series, rage

That evening when I got home, she met me at the door dressed in black pants and a white silk top. The pants hugged her behind, highlighting her long legs. The outfit included a short jacket that made [...]

Shopping (Part II) by Velvet Stallion
Filed in: sex, passion, rope bondage

 Only your mind is a hold out.  Fight him.  Fight yourself.  Don’t give him the pleasure.  Don’t give yourself the pleasure.  Your eyes are locked with h[...]

The Blossoming of Luna 2: Quiet Control by luna
Filed in: exhibitionism, voyeurism, initiation, questions, stripping

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day and I couldn’t help myself but desire to go for a walk in the park. I had been up since early, my dreams of the night at the bar still causing me to c[...]

Ebony Gets in Touch by ChocletRn
Filed in: masturbation, cybersex, sex toys

Ebony sat at her computer chatting with friends flirting with strangers. She had the computer and living room to herself and the boys were asleep. She liked to flirt because she knew she had an effect[...]

Ebony’s Jewel by ChocletRN
Filed in: F/f, oral sex, lesbian, first time, fisting

      Ebony looked across the table at their dinner hosts with a smile.  Ebony thought to herself she preferred thick ones like herself.  Ebony could see her[...]

Kalli's Adventure Begins by kitty
Filed in: masturbation, fantasy, spanking, orgasms, oral sex

It was a cold, rainy day in June.  Kalli was sitting in the boardroom staring out the window, not wanting to listen to the monotone speaker making his presentation on the annual company reports.&[...]

Ebony's G Spot by ChocletRN
Filed in: public play, strangers

ChocletRN@aol.comThe G spot was the hottest strip club in town.  Going to the strip club was usually her Daddy’s idea.  But being the submissive she was Ebony loved watching the women [...]

Ebony's Story Part 1 by ChocletRn
Filed in: caning, enemas, oral sex

Ebony sat at her desk typing away on her computer. She was getting more excited, as every minute passed. She hadn't seen him in months and today promised to be exciting. She hoped that this would make[...]

Dreams Can Come True by Devil Woman
Filed in: sex, oral sex, romance

I dreamt of you last night....   There we were walking through the woods, the wind catching our laughter and carrying it away. The late evening autumn sky streaked with all the brilliant shade[...]

The Binding Ceremony by Lord Dion
Filed in: ritual, ceremony, ownership, collaring

I have instructed you to lay out two separate areas for our ceremony, one on top of a table large enough for you to lay on and one in the center of a room large enough for an area about eight to ten f[...]

The Blossoming of Luna 1: Private Dance by luna
Filed in: masturbation, voyeurism, bbw

I didn’t usually brave the bars at night, I was new in town, but something drew me that night to see the ladies dancing, and maybe catch glances with a few men. Maybe it was my new found confide[...]

Debut Series: Part 4 by selkie
Filed in: masturbation, initiation, anticipation

Ignoring S., Damian strode to where the middle eastern girl was being led to the right hand cross. She was tiny, barely 5 foot yet with a luscious full figure. Heavy drooping breasts with large fleshy[...]

Winter Fantasy by Greg's little one
Filed in: sex, fantasy, winter

Its winter time and there is snow on the ground outside. There is a knock at the door and I answer it to find a man standing there. All he says is, “ your Master says you are to get your coat gi[...]

King of the Damned by ChocletRN
Filed in: oral sex, blood, vampirism, virgin

Damn she was staring into space again.  She shook her head to shake off the fog and daze that seem to plague her lately.  She searched the clock on the wall to discover she only[...]

Chapter 2 of Kalli's Adventure by kitty
Filed in: anal play, orgasm, sex, mutual masturbation

Finally Kalli is on the plane and settled into her seat. Just as she looks up, she sees the man from the lounge, and as luck would have it, his seat is next to hers. Silently she begins to ponder [...]

First Flame by luna
Filed in: wax play, fantasy, inspection, play piercing

We had agreed that our first time together would special, and different than I had ever experienced before. My heart was racing as I drove to His home. Visions of last week’s meeting flashed be[...]

The Blossoming of Luna 3: Initiation by luna
Filed in: dance, stripping, initation

"Please may I cum Sir, please?” I clung to a state of going over the edge and obedience. Sir was most certainly not going to let me cum just yet, but I always begged, always hoped for that[...]

The Gamblers 9 by Diana
Filed in: CELTs, series

I was waiting the next morning when she opened her bedroom door just as I had been a week before. Again, she was barefooted, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, with wet hair. She stopped when she saw[...]

Debut Series: Part 6 by selkie
Filed in: whips, oral sex, initiation, blood

S. snorted, unable to breath, her nose flaring frantically as she tried to capture a trickle of breath. Mucus exploded out of her nose and tears streamed from her eyes, she felt as if she were suffoca[...]

Summer Vacation by ChocletRn
Filed in: FF, strap-on, girl on girl

      Angie began packing last night unsure of what to take and what to leave.  Tracy assured her she needed to pack light and she thought it was jokingly that her r[...]

The Meager Manager Case by Dragonkeeper
Filed in: training, cropping

00-01-M From the files of Dr. Dominique Payne Doctor Dominique Payne closed the door to her office after the last couple left and spoke into her tape recorder. "I finished our first session [...]

Lights Out Sex by Daddy Treacherous
Filed in: vision, abstract, mental fantasy

Sexual deprivation in: ‘The Mind of a Slave / Sub’ My mouth, tongue, lips occupied. My wrists, bound, my eyes covered. Maybe even my ears muffled, breasts bound, maybe even nipples cl[...]

Prescription for Evil Deeds by Daddy Treacherous
Filed in: vision, abstract, mental fantasy

Prescription for Evil Deeds It is not at all a fault that I am how I am. Yet, it is a flaw of the universe that I exist in. Am I wrong for longing to bring the wickedly naughty into submission of[...]

It Was A Cool Night... by Sherri Thornton
Filed in: masturbation, sex toys, dreams, fantasy

It was a cool night. A good night for snuggling. I was alone and couldn't keep my mind off of you. But you had plans and couldn't come over. I kept looking at your picture, thinking of your luscious l[...]

Covenant of Blood by Lord Dion
Filed in: vampires, bloodlust

  The castle is cold and dark. In the distance the eerily forlorn howl of a lone wolf awakens me from my dreams. A full moon shines above the tall pines as the transformation overtakes my quaking[...]

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