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More Various Christmas Carols

Author: Unknown

Filed in: humor

"Tune of White Chirstmas"
o/~ Sub's nuts roasting o'er an open fire
Domme Frost nipping at their toes,
Yuletide screams being sung by subchoir
subbie girls in schoolgirl clothes... ..o/~

"Tune of ..... "
o/~ Outside the whips are falling
and subs are screaming boo-hoo!
C'mon it's lovely weather
for a session together with you!
Get it up, get it UP, GET IT UP! Lets go
You'll kneel in the snow! o/~

"Tune of Oh Holy Night"
o/~ Oh hole-y sub, your eyes are brightly shining
it is the night of a new sub-bie's birth...
Oh fall to your knees, oh hear the domme voices
oh night when a sub is born... ohhh sub, oh sub of mineo/~

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