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Speech Training 11: Introducing Another Individual

Author: Norische

Filed in: training, speech

When introducing an individual the slave should take a few things into consideration prior to performing the introduction.

The first thing to take into consideration is the preference of the Owner. If the Owner wishes a formal introduction or a simple respectable one, whatever the circumstances the slave should always base his or her actions on the orders of the Owner.

The second thing to take into consideration is location. A slave should always base the form and delivery of an introduction on the location in which the delivery is going to be presented.

The third thing to take into consideration is the individuals being introduced, is the individual within the lifestyle or not, is it a business acquaintance, is it a close friend or a family member. Each type of individual should be presented in a different manner.

When introducing an individual within the lifestyle the slave should first find out how the individual wishes to be addressed. For example… "Pardon my ignorance, I am unfamiliar how you wished to be addressed." When given an appropriate answer, the slave should then ask a secondary question. "Thank you Sir, Also Master Dean, do you have a preference as to the manner in which you wish to be introduced to my Owner?" This will cover all possible protocol and
make sure no error is made on the behalf of the slave.

If there is no opportunity to ask such questions then the slave should assume a formal introduction is appropriate. For
example: "Pardon my intrusion Sir. If I may introduce Master James O'Seer, he works with LeatherLovers from Michigan. Master O'Seer this is my Sir, Craig Harrox."

You will notice the title of Master… the reason for this is so that your Owner will know the social status of the individual and be made aware of the fact that the individual is within the lifestyle. You will also notice that on the secondary presentation that the slave did not address the Owner as Master, and gave the Owner's full name. The reason for this is because it that the slave's statement "this is my Sir" covers all titles necessary, also unless the Owner specifically wishes others to address him or her by a specific title then no title should be applied.

If the individual is not in the lifestyle a slave should present the individual in a more causal manner. "Sir, may I introduce Mr. James O'Seer; Mr. O'Seer, may I introduce my colleague Craig Harrox."

If the individual is a family member, something casual is best. "Sir, may I introduce my sister Kathy Lewis, Kathy this is
Craig Harrox." Family is always awkward but a slave should always specify the family relationship and never assume that the Owner has any clue who the individual is, even if the slave has pictures of the person plastered all over and has spoke non-stop for weeks about getting together with his or her sister. Also it is convenient to inform the Owner how much the family member knows about the relationship by how you introduce the Owner. You will notice no title or hint of a relationship is indicated in the above statement. This is a quick, discrete manner to explain to the Owner that the
individual has no clue of the relationship between the two individuals. If the slave states, "Kathy this is my Owner, Craig
Harrox.." Then the Owner will be made aware that the family member is aware of the slave's lifestyle choices. If the slave
states, "Kathy this is my Boss, Craig Harrox…" Then the Owner will know the family believes that the slave has some form of business relationship with the Owner. If the slave states, "Kathy this is the guy I have been telling you about, Craig…." Then the Owner may assume that the slave informed the family member of some form of relationship but more than likely the family things something along the line of romance.

As to presentation, some Owners wish the slave to approach and kneel prior to being acknowledged. Once acknowledged the slave then rises and extends an arm toward the individual to be presented with palm
open and up. The slave should stand to the side of both individuals, not between them; preferably to the right side of the Owner, approximately an arms length away.

Some Owners wish the slave to be behind the Owner and to the right when presentation is made, so that there are no distractions from the individual that is being introduced.

Presentation is something best left to the Owner and his or her own preference.

Just a tip… a slave should make sure he or she speaks clearly and with enough volume for the Owner to understand the individual's name. An improperly enunciated name can be extremely embarrassing, and to present the opportunity for someone else to be forced to correct the Owner is unwise at best.

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