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Electro Stimulation play

Author: Unknown

Filed in: electroplay

* All Materials were obtained by many sources and research and personal experience and by no means are to be taken as The Bible of Electro Stimulation Play.

* Extensive Research on Electro Stimulation Play should be done well before you start experimenting on Your submissive or self.

* Suggest You might consider a Mentor in Electro Stimulation Play as it is No Joke if your screw up.

* Some of the information contained here is from personal experience and your experiences may not be the same so don't expect it to be.

* As an absolute Requirement, have someone close at hand who is CPR Certified or Better yet You Get CPR Certified.

Differing Types of Electricity
Unless you have the know how and the understanding of Electricity by working with it in your profession, the basic understanding if it should be known how it works, what you should know so you don't accidentally cause Cardiac Arrest or Serious Burns or Death by the usage of Electoral play. Lets Talk about it before we get into the Equipment, let's consider what "kind" of electricity we want to apply to our carefully bound, helpless, trusting submissive shall we?
The resistance of the human body varies from day to day, person to person and due to a whole lot of other factors we don't have room to list care and knowledge is the key to practice of Electro Play.

There are four "kinds" of electrical wave forms you may encounter in Electro Stimulation Play:
1. DC Direct current (DC). Batteries, some generators.
2. Pulse Single pulse DC Capacitors, some cattle prods.
3. LF Low frequency. TENS units.
4. HF High frequency. Violet wand.

Now if the voltage is steady, the electricity flows steadily, and we have what we call direct current (DC). This is the type of current supplied by a battery. If we vary the voltage rapidly, such that it increases, peaks, falls, reverses direction, peaks in that direction, then does it all over again, many times per second (the closest plumbing equivalent might be a shower massage), we have a kind of pulsating current that we call alternating current (AC). This is what you get when you plug something into a wall outlet. The number of times per second that it goes through this complete cycle is the frequency.

Generally, we want to avoid DC. DC is used in the Electric Chair with good reason - it does a lot of damage to the human body quickly and easily and Lethally. AC, particularly frequencies in the range from 200 cycles per second to 10,000 cycles per second ( 200 Hz to 10 Khz), are much less dangerous and, in popular opinion, provides more interesting sensations. As for current, it doesn't take much. Five to fifteen milliamperes (.015 amp, or about 1/1000th of the current that a normal wall outlet will provide before blowing fuses!) is generally as much as most people want to feel.

Before we get into equipment for applying electric current, let's look at the safest electrical appliance in the BDSM world. Instead of continuous current, This device makes use of static electricity. We have all walked across the wool rug and touched a light switch or appliance, and felt the spark jump out to meet our hand. The voltages involved here are extremely high (frequently on the order of millions of volts!). However, length of time that it lasts is so short and current so low that the actual amount of electricity flowing is minuscule.

Electro Stimulation Play: Safety

Before we get into specific electro pleasure techniques, we should start with a couple of basic safety rules,

I NEVER, EVER want to hear that set up contacts such that a current path be completed through the heart or brain! I Strongly emphasize No Tens units should be used above the waist as it reaches to the muscles and deeper then the other Static Electrical Devices. To make sure though I would as a rule use the safest way to be certain of this is to avoid any contact above the lowest set of ribs. It is possible to work safely on the back, shoulders, neck and arms and we make some references to it later, but unless you are certain of your equipment, your knowledge and skill, and your submissive's health, keep the contacts below the lowest set of ribs it's the one kind of electrical play above the waist that's not considered very high risk!

Don't tie your submissive too tightly, allow some room for muscle contractions, You don't need rope burns or Muscle spasms during play. It is possible to do some significant damage if you apply a strong shock to a tightly tied limb. Please make certain that your submissive is bound or positioned such that a sudden movement won't cause a fall, impact against a solid or sharp object, or other unintended injury.

Make certain that your electrodes make good contact. Poor contact will often cause burns. Electrical burns tend to be deep and slow to heal. They also tend to have more damage beneath the surface than is immediately obvious.

It is strongly suggested that when you try a new setup, you test it on yourself to the extent possible. This will give you some insight as to what the sensations are and what constitutes a tolerable level of current.

WARNING: Never experiment with electricity on yourself unless you have someone present who knows how and when to shut off the current. This person must also have current knowledge and Certification in CPR!!

Know your equipment! . Know the limitations!

Always have a safe word and a signal (both please!) which can be used if your sub can't speak. Make sure that you are always alert to it.

Finally, Learn CPR yourself!! It could make the difference between a bad fright and a fatality (with a resulting homicide charge). If this scares you, then it is doing its job!! Playing with electricity is not inherently dangerous, but it is terribly unforgiving of carelessness, incapacity, or neglect!

Violet Wand

The Violet Wand uses electrical sparks to create an incredible array of sensations. When held near someone's body, it sends out a continuous stream of tiny lightning bolts, giving off a distinct purple light. Intensity is adjustable. Uses A/C current through a transformer You can adjust the intensity and rate of sparks depending on your purpose. Because there is virtually no current involved, you can use the wand anywhere on the body except for Use anywhere on the body except the eyes, mucous membranes such as the inside of the vagina, and directly into the urethra. It is probably best to keep away from the whole area of the eyes to avoid problems with ultra-violet.
The Handle Probe, or "Body Contact Probe." When this probe is held against a person, it turns the person's whole body into a lightning rod. Wherever the person lightly touches someone else (or is touched by them), sparks will jump, creating interesting sensations for both people. By changing the target area of the body: discharging onto the front of the thighs, for example, is more likely to feel ticklish than painful, but discharging onto the nipples or genitals is rather more challenging. Drawing the wand slowly over different areas of the body will teach everyone a few lessons in the way sensitivity varies. by changing the output level using the control on the wand. This will increase the amount of energy discharged and therefore the sensation. by changing the attachments on the wand. As with beating and flogging toys, all other things being equal, the smaller and more compact the area of contact, the more intense and concentrated the effect. A very narrow electrode may even feel like a blade slicing the skin.

CAUTION: Note that at no point should the device be inserted into any body orifice. Remember that the tube is glass. Inserting it into the anus or vagina would be hazardous if not fatal if broken, and since there is very little sensation when there is no air gap between the tube and the body, it really isn't worth it.
I am warning against having fluids around. They are good conductors of electricity and will cause the body to discharge unpleasantly. Any kind of fluid residue (pre-cum, vaginal fluid) especially those with salt (urine) will be dangerous. Alcohol on skin surface I feel is something to be absolutely avoided as you can't control the burn.
Do NOT use the wand on a condom, either, because the condom will not provide a fluid barrier after you've perforated it with micro-holes.

"Technical Description"

The wand is another relic of the earlier part of this century, when every quack in the land sung the praises of the allegedly miraculous therapeutic powers of electricity. Today most of these applications have been discredited, but wands do have a 'vanilla' use in some forms of beauty treatment, and it's for this reason that they are still available from a tiny number of manufacturers. The Violet Wand uses electrical sparks with an adjustable intensity to create an impressive array of sensations from a faint prickle to a bracing shock. Held near the body, it sends a continuous stream of tiny sparks. When using one of the hollow glass attachments, Another type of glass device looked like a miniature rake - a small straw like cylinder that led to about 4-5 prongs set at a right angle - the whole thing about 2-3 inches long. Not only did this give a stronger effect the current lights them with the Wand's distinctive purple neon glow.
This is a fairly expensive item, ranging in prices from US$350-600.

TENS Units

"TENS" (Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation) units, which is the medical term for a device frequently used by chiropractors and other medical professionals. These are powerful units, and are quite capable of causing serious injury or death. They are also generally sold only to medical practitioners, and are very expensive. They are, however, quite well made and are very safe if properly used. You will sometimes find them for sale in the "Health Equipment" classifieds.

If you don't happen to have a chiropractor who will order a TENS unit for you and instruct you in its
safe use, it could be suggested to buying one of the Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) exercisers that you see advertised in any of the bodybuilding magazines These are less costly (and usually less powerful) versions of the TENS units, and are intended to provide the effects of exercise by forcing muscle contractions electrically. As electro pleasure and electro torture devices, they are excellent. They provide from 2 to a dozen separate circuits, each with adjustable current. Depending on the unit, you may also be able to vary frequency, wave form, and surge characteristics for each circuit. The units are powered by batteries, which eliminates any worry about a ground loop or component failure placing the full resources of your local power company in contact with a sensitive portion of your partner's anatomy. Also, the individual circuits are isolated from each other, so you don't have to worry about current flowing between electrodes of two different circuits and setting up a path that you hadn't planned on.

Exactly what path you want the current to take through your submissive's body and how you connect the current is dependent on what effect you are looking to obtain. The smaller the electrode, the more strongly the current will be felt as a tingling or stinging at the electrode site. Therefore, with a small electrode, the sensation at the contact point is likely to reach your submissive's tolerance limit before much is felt in the area between the contacts. A large electrode will produce little sensation at the contact point, and more in the area between contacts.

CAUTION: Note NEVER select a current path through the chest or head. TENS devices should not be used with any One with a history of cardiac problems. Do not stimulate over the eyes, carotid sinus, over the laryngeal muscles or through the brain. The effects of long term electrical TENS on fetuses is not known and should therefore be avoided during pregnancy. This is an advanced level of play, If You should place a Tens on nipples < suggestion: DON'T > it's the right nipple, it's not all that much of a risk, because the electricity won't be flowing all that close to the heart, even if it goes wandering down a blood vessel. Use on the left nipple is more problematic, because of it's close proximity to the heart.

Suggestion: Instead of the TENS Units-

Made by Folsom Electric Company, this unit generates a stimulating electrical current which is pretty much the same in intensity and flavor as the signal put out by the TENS unit. The Folsom box has two channels instead of one, so you can use two pairs of electrodes (a total of 4) at once. The small battery compartment is accessible using a small sliding door, so you won't need a screwdriver to change it. There are four control knobs, two knobs control one channel; for instance the second intensity knob controls the second channel, instead of fine tuning the first one. Each channel also features a red button, which functions as a cut-off switch for that channel. Finally, the Folsom Electric box includes an optional adapter unit which plugs into the wall, or you can go cordless with a 9-volt battery. Set includes two pairs of output leads. AC adapter sold separately. The Tens a medical device used to block chronic pain and stimulate muscle contractions. However, this unit, unlike the TENS, is available without a prescription, and is quite a bit less expensive. Electrodes for this unit come in pairs (although sometimes both electrodes may be built in to a single attachment, such as a plug or a cock ring).

Now If I scared the Crap out of you GOOD! Electricity is NO joke and I don't think you want to be responsible for someone's accidental Death or Injury. Please I Strongly suggest You get Trained ( Mentor ) by an Experienced Dom/me before you partake in Electro Stimulation Play.

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