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Like A Slap In The Face: The Basics of Face Slapping

Author: Norische

Filed in: how-to, slapping

There are many different types of impact play that exist within the realm of the BDSM world. None appear to be more controversial than face slapping. The effects of face slapping go farther than any other form of impact play, but to be quite honest there is relatively little information available on the subject. Most individuals consider it to be an extreme form of corporal punishment, with severe psychological implications.

Face slapping is generally placed in the same category as humiliation or degradation. For centuries the general populous has viewed face slapping as being the second greatest insult that one can receive, the first on the list is being spit on. Through time it has been utilized to express hatred, frustration, anger, disgust…and sometimes even love.

Oddly enough some people love getting their face slapped. They crave the echo of a vicious hand connecting with delicate flesh, the ringing in their ears and the vision blurred by their own tears, the burn of a tear stained cheek and the hungry eyes begging for more.

Face slapping is an art form, as those that are true connoisseurs understand. A slap can say a thousand things, without uttering a word. It can shake someone in his or her boots and humble the biggest man. It can transform an adult into a fragile, and frightened child.

There are some rather basic guidelines to face slapping, I know it may sound strange but there are those out there that do not have the gift of knowing exactly how to bitch slap someone into next Tuesday or to slap some sense into someone.

Before you add face slapping to any activity or relationship each individual needs to set down and discuss it. Some people are very sensitive to slapping and it very well may be a trigger for them. The last thing you want is your partner to have an anxiety attack in the middle of a play party at a group meeting.

1. You should always use an open hand; a closed hand may cause unintended injuries.
2. Always be aware of any jewelry. The Dominant should always make sure that he or she has no rings on, and that the slave/sub has no earrings on that might lead to unforeseen injury.
3. Also be aware of your nails, long nails may scratch or they may get caught unintentionally in your partner\'s hair.
4. A flat hand will leave initial red marks; a cupped hand will leave a deeper mark and very well may bruise.
5. Fanning the fingers of a flat hand will increase the strength of the slap, and will encourage a wonderful imprint of your hand on your partner\'s face.
6. To use the back of your hand to slap, be conscious of where your knuckles will land. Backhanded slaps are better left to the experienced individuals.
7. If you slap a tear stained the effect will be much stronger, a slap on wet skin is much more painful.
8. Aim the slap for the center of the cheek, if you aim for the fat of the cheek you may hit to high and cause an injury to the eye, or if you go too low you may hit the mouth and cut open a lip. It is easy to slap hard enough to cut the inside of someone\'s mouth on his or her teeth.
9. When slapping someone always keep in mind the head is perched on top of the neck, and whiplash is a very painful experience. Slap too hard or incorrectly you may inflict an unintentional neck injury.

If face slapping is part of a BDSM scene, after care is extremely important. There are many things to take into consideration; the emotional state of the slave/sub is just the beginning. Check your partner for any apparent and not so apparent injuries. Injuries to the neck, jaw, eye, ear, and teeth are all possible when things get carried away.

Face slapping is extremely controversial, it can heighten emotions to a feverish pitch or it can shut down a scene in a microsecond. There are those that thrive on the rush of adrenalin caused by face slapping, and those that can have a nervous breakdown at the experience…so explore this activity, but do it wisely. If there is uncertainty, then go very slowly. Try adding one slap to a rather heated scene, perhaps to shock the slave/sub back into reality. If this works well then slowly work it into your activity, but remember to do so with caution.

Many consider face slapping to be abuse, hence talk about it with you partner extensively prior to actively participating in it. Something I might suggest is to watch another couple scene where face slapping will be present. This will help both of you understand what emotions will be triggered and it will allow you both to see and feel what happens and prepare you to some degree.

One thing I must state, NEVER slap your slave/sub in anger. You may be able to repair the damage one moment of anger can do.

Here are a couple of web sites for those interested in exploring face slapping a little more.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.


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