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Essay Collection

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Essays by Lady Gwyneth Rose

Fireplay by Lady Gwyneth Rose
Filed in: how-to, fire play, beginners

I have done fireplay on many occasions...please NOTE here... fireplay is one of the edgier types of play and should NOT be attempted without being shown how to do so properly FIRST and just reading an[...]

Hot Wax by Lady Gwyneth Rose
Filed in: how-to, wax play

Ahhh, hot candlewax... hot wax... even the sibilant sound as it rolls off the tongue is deliciously decadent... hot waxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsssssssssssss... much as the sound of the droplets hitting the f[...]

Violet Wands by Lady Gwyneth Rose
Filed in: toys, electroplay

Ahhh, violet wands... the lovely little glass tubes that become a luminescent purple and emit purple little sparks when they are activated. The violet wand has been around for a very long time indeed [...]