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Essay Collection

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Essays by Sergeant Major

Guidelines for Conduct by Sergeant Major
Filed in: submission, training, rules

The role of a submissive at a public gathering is to add a sense of grace, charm and tranquillity to the event by the demonstration of their understanding of their chosen role. This is done through th[...]

Guidelines for Domestic Service by Sergeant Major
Filed in: submission, training, service, protocol

At gatherings of Dominants submissive(s) are often utilized to provide domestic service. The purpose of this piece is to provide some basic guidelines for submissive (s) who are called upon or volunte[...]

Leathercare and Bootblacking by Sergeant Major
Filed in: leather, cleaning

Leather in all its various forms from garments to boots to accessories is the most obvious symbol of the lifestyle. Expensive to acquire, with proper maintenance and care it will outlast its owner&rsq[...]

Observation and Analysis of a Scene by Sergeant Major
Filed in: scene, observation, analysis

The observation and analysis of a scene is intended as an objective process where certain constants are looked for during the conduct of the scene. It is not intended to be an appraisal or evaluation [...]