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Observation and Analysis of a Scene

Author: Sergeant Major

Filed in: scene, observation, analysis

The observation and analysis of a scene is intended as an objective process where certain constants are looked for during the conduct of the scene. It is not intended to be an appraisal or evaluation of skill or technique. While there is an almost infinite variability in what occurs during a scene depending upon the individuals involved and the various tools and techniques utilized certain constants do exist. The elicitation of pleasure pain of an erotic nature is caused by the stimulation of endorphin release by the body. This stimulation is in most individuals a gradual process having both a physical and mental component. The mental component begins its onset during the negotiations and preparation for the scene. The physical component is caused by the actual conduct of the scene. As the endorphin release begins it feeds upon itself with additional and more intense stimulation causing an increased release of endorphins. Abrupt changes in the type or intensity of the stimuli given can cause a decrease or cessation of this process.

To provide a basis for the observation and analysis of a scene four arbitrary phases will be described. They are warm up, build up, crescendo and recovery. Each will be discussed separately, however there is no clear division between them, rather they constitute a smooth transition from one into another. There is no set duration for each part since they will vary with the principals and style or constituents of the play.

Warm up
The warm up phase begins with the negotiations and preparations, creating the mental stimulus for the endorphin release. Each element should add to the anticipation. As the actual scene begins with the addition of the physical stimuli there should be a gradual build up in the type and intensity of the stimuli allowing the body to respond with the production of endorphins.

Build up
During this phase the frequency and intensity of the stimuli increase. For example the use of contrasting sensations, such as a strike followed by a caress or a change in the weight of flogger used will cause both the mind and body to respond. Different parts of the body can be stimulated and different toys used. There should be interaction between the top and the bottom as the status of the bottom is monitored. There is a continual build up of sensation and response to the crescendo phase without abrupt transitions.

This is the peak point of the scene where the bottom may become inarticulate and no longer in control of their response. Here the top needs to be constantly monitoring the bottom both checking on them and reassuring them. When the top determines that the bottom has reached their maximum of response the transition to the recovery phase should begin.

The recovery phase can consist of a continuation of the scene with gradual reduction in the frequency and intensity of the stimuli bringing the bottom back down or if circumstances require it the immediate initiation of aftercare. Aftercare is an integral part of the recovery phase regardless of the use of the decreasing intensity of stimuli to bring the bottom back. Aftercare includes both a mental and physical component, not only are the physical needs of the bottom attended to but they are also reassured that what they just experienced had meaning for both parties.

This material has been extracted from "A Manual for the Formal Training of a Submissive" written by Sergeant Major and published here with his permission. You can contact him via his email:

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