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Essays Tagged: Submission

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What makes a healthy submissive? by Yaldah Tovah, M.D.
Filed in: submission, health and safety

1. The healthy submissive is capable of, and thrives on, intense, intimate, emotionally open relationships. This is often evident in the number of nourishing, sustaining, and life affirming friendship[...]

Submission: From a Dominant's Point of View: What is a Submissive? by Norische
Filed in: submission

The basics of submission is a subject that has been explored for quite some time, and no matter how much contemplation one does, there is simply no way to define the exact nature of submission or the [...]

Submission by Choice: How to Work Your Way Back to Yourself by luna[KM]
Filed in: submission

Submission has been called a gift. It has been said to be a natural characteristic. Submission is also a choice. When I first entered the lifestyle, no one would have mistaken me for a submissive. I a[...]

Submissive Male in Society by Bluedeacon
Filed in: submission, scene

Q: What does it mean to me to be a submissive male in this society? Good question. First thing that *does* come to mind, is, contradiction. This society has not gone through male liberation, and does[...]

A Submissive's Creed by Unknown
Filed in: submission, inspirational

1 I will communicate with complete honesty my needs, desires, limits, and experience. I realize that failing to do so will not only prevent my Top and I from from having the best experience possible, [...]

Ten Commandments by Society of Janus
Filed in: dominance, submission, rules

Ten Rules for Dominants Ten Rules for Submissives 1 Be Patient Until you e[...]

Serve, Service and Servitude by Ms Lyn
Filed in: submission, service, definitions

What do you mean when you offer to serve? What do you mean when you offer to be of service? What do mean when you offer yourself in servitude? Do the answers to these questions bring up visions of [...]

Guidelines for Conduct by Sergeant Major
Filed in: submission, training, rules

The role of a submissive at a public gathering is to add a sense of grace, charm and tranquillity to the event by the demonstration of their understanding of their chosen role. This is done through th[...]

Guidelines for Domestic Service by Sergeant Major
Filed in: submission, training, service, protocol

At gatherings of Dominants submissive(s) are often utilized to provide domestic service. The purpose of this piece is to provide some basic guidelines for submissive (s) who are called upon or volunte[...]

Controlling the Slave by lauraTV
Filed in: dominance, submission, training

Although these suggestions were written specifically for the Mistress of a feminized male slave, many of them may be applied to a broad range of Dominant/submissive relationships. It is important for[...]

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