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Essays Tagged: Tips

Just Getting Started : Tips for Dungeon Monitors by Jay Wiseman
Filed in: dungeon monitors, play parties, tips

For many years now, play parties have had special people fill the role of "dungeon monitors" -- or DMs for short These people are mainly there to ensure that the party rules are complied[...]

Fisting (Vaginal that is) by chelgrrl
Filed in: how-to, fisting, safety, tips, vaginal fisting, large object insertion

I get a lot of responses when I say to people that I love to be fisted. Of course there is the Fister, the person who does the fisting and the Fistee, the one receiving the fist. Women fistees react i[...]

Ten Tips For The Novice, Single, Heterosexual Submissive Woman by Jay Wiseman
Filed in: submission, fantasies, tips, women

Let me guess. You're a woman, you're heterosexual, and you keep having strange, disturbing, recurring, and intense fantasies of a powerful, masterful man having his way with you. Perhaps he tears off[...]

Serving and Being Served, a Few Pointers by CuisineNet
Filed in: rules, service, food service, protocol, tips, serving

Serving Order At a formal restaurant or banquet, food should be presented to guests in the following order: guest of honor, female guests, male guests, hostess, host. After the guest of honor, first t[...]

Frugal Romance 101 by Unknown
Filed in: relationships, love, romance, tips, suggestions, frugal romance

Holidays and special anniversaries are wonderful reminders for romance. However, they are also the most predictable. A small but meaningful gesture on an "ordinary day" often has more impact[...]

Anal Advice by angel
Filed in: anal sex, tips, advice, sex advice, anal

Here are some tips to make anal play and anal sex more enjoyable for you. Step One: Enemas... Anytime i know in advance that Master is going to want to have anal sex (like when i have my period) i giv[...]

Psychological Aspects of Consensual Rape by Rick's Fucktoy
Filed in: sex, force, tips, consensual rape, psychological aspects

"Consensual rape." Quite an oxymoron, I suppose. Rape, by definition, is sexual intercourse in which one party is unwilling and unwanting of the attention and act. A consensual act is someth[...]