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Essays by Rick's Fucktoy

24/7 Slavery by Rick's Fucktoy
Filed in: relationships, slavery, serving, 24/7, mindset

24/7. All day, every day. Is it possible to live any lifestyle to that degree? More to the point, is it possible to live *this* lifestyle that i've chosen for myself on a 24/7 basis?i suppose before i[...]

A Slap in the Face by Rick's Fucktoy
Filed in: slapping, humiliation, mindset, technique, degradation, slap in the face

I don't think I could ever forget the first time I felt it. He was buried deep inside me as my thighs straddled His hips, riding Him slowly as we talked. I don't remember what we were talking about or[...]

Confessions of a Control Whore by Rick's Fucktoy
Filed in: submission, limits, control, power, slut, miscommunication

So there isn't any miscommunication, let it be said from the beginning of this journey into the darker recesses of my mind, I'm not a pain slut. I don't get wet at the thought of being beaten. If the [...]

On Being Worthless by Rick's Fucktoy
Filed in: training, humiliation, experience, slut

it's a concept that i can understand so clearly in my head, yet i have been struggling to find the words that will explain it to someone who might read my thoughts and want to understand my perception[...]

Psychological Aspects of Consensual Rape by Rick's Fucktoy
Filed in: sex, force, tips, consensual rape, psychological aspects

"Consensual rape." Quite an oxymoron, I suppose. Rape, by definition, is sexual intercourse in which one party is unwilling and unwanting of the attention and act. A consensual act is someth[...]