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The Party

Author: Falcon's moonbeam

Filed in: play, orgasm, play party, blowjob, come

When He saw me, He smiled. He knew what we had to look forward to this evening, as did i.

He had been out shopping, presumably to buy something special for this evening. my shopping assignment had been done earlier in the day i had signed us up to bring a dessert dish. i had gone to the store earlier, and bought a bag of apples and made some apple pie, after which, i got in the shower and scrubbed and shaved until i was smooth all over. i had then blow-dried my hair so it was voluminous, the way He liked it, and then i put on a loose-fitting dress and sandals, applied a little make-up, and carefully packed my bag.

He wouldnt show me what He had bought, but since it was a Wal-mart bag, i presumed it was a pervertable item. Or, at least, i had hoped it was a pervertable item, though it must have been small. It didnt take up much room in the bag. He went upstairs to shower and gather His things; i had asked if there was any service i could provide for Him, and His answer was that there was no service i could provide to Him at this time. So i asked for permission for a cocktail, received said permission, poured myself a drink, and waited. A few minutes later, not being able to leave Him alone, i knocked on the bathroom door and asked if i could scrub His back. He said yes, so i proceeded to fill a sponge with lotion-laced soap, and lathered His back. i found i couldnt stop there, so i gently turned Him  around, and scrubbed His chest, His arms, and worked my way down from there. His body is magnificent, and i couldnt help but rub His cock and balls on my way down to His legs. At that point, He shooed me away and i realized the front of my dress was as wet as my pussy.

When He came out of the bathroom, He silently handed me the towel and i proceeded to dry Him off. As usual, instead of drying His cock and balls with the towel, i licked them clean of all water and i found myself gently sucking on Him. i couldnt help myself. i felt His hands grab my head and guide me more firmly, and as He fucked my mouth, i absently wondered how many times i would be fed this evening, and by Whom. He soon was shuddering in orgasm and as usual, i greedily drank down every drop. He looked down at me and smiled and i said, “Thank You. Master.” i proceeded to dry His legs and feet.

While He dressed, i brewed Him some coffee for the trip, and fixed Him  a cup to go, and applied more lipstick. My dress had almost dried by then, though my pussy was still wet J. We loaded the car with our bags, our overnight bag just in case, and His toy bags, and got in the car and headed out. It was a 2-hour drive to our final destination. On the way, we watched the sun set, but talked very little. It was a companionable silence, though. i had no idea what was going through His head, but in mine, well, the anticipation of the evening was gripping me as usual.

We arrived in good order, each of us carrying bags up to the house after parking the car, and we walked right into the side kitchen door as if we lived there. We knew we were expected, and welcome to enter. We greeted the hostess, the dog, and others that had already arrived and were loitering in the kitchen amongst fixings for a pot luck supper. We proceeded to bring Masters toy bags to the living room, greeting the Host and others we saw on the way. i went upstairs with my overnight bag to change. 

As i passed the bedrooms and made my way to the bathroom, i passed a cat, and stopped to pet her. In the bathroom, i removed my dress and sandals and put on a strapless black satin bra, a black miniskirt, garter belt, fishnets, and a pair of black heels. i had already applied makeup; i just needed a touch of lipstik and i was ready. Ready for what, one never knew. But i was ready. i brushed my hair and i fished out  my dress collar from my bag.

I knew that Master would want to eat dinner first. As i made my way back downstairs, i realized i had left the apple pie in the back seat of the car. i went to the hallway that led to the kitchen, and ran into Master. He approved of my attire, affixed my collar around my neck, and fingered me under my skirt, pleased to find out that my pussy was still wet. i explained that i had to go out to the car to retrieve the pie, and He released me to go get the pie, instructing me to fix Him a dinner plate immediately upon my return. It was hard to walk in the gravelly driveway with heels, but i retrieved the pie, removed its covering, and set it among the desserts already on the counter. i then proceeded to fix Master a plate. Since it was a pot-luck supper, i made my best guess as to what He would like to eat, worrying about whether or not hed be happy with the dinner i had fixed for Him.

He seemed happy with His plate, and found a spot near the corner of the dining room table for Him to eat. i knelt at His feet, both of us knowing that i am unable to eat much at parties. He chatted with the other folks at the table, and i remained silent, never knowing what to say anyway. He fed me a bite from His plate now and then. When He was finished eating, He had me bus His plate to the kitchen, and as i wandered back to the dining room, i found Him  in conversation with another Dom, who was standing over His slave, caressing her ass, her body bent over the table with her hands fanned out on the surface. Master had me stand beside Him, bent over the table in the same manner, and He proceeded to caress me, too. i looked up at the other slave, and saw the joy in her face, framed by beautiful black hair. Her Master brought our fingertips together on the table and we rubbed fingers. It was the only contact that seemed permissible at the time.

Her hands were as cold as mine, and as we touched each others fingers, i wondered what it would be like to kiss her. As if They had read my mind, Master and the other Dom had us both stand up.  Master led me around the table by the hair, and as the other Dom held His slaves head firmly still, Master guided my head to hers so that our lips touched. As we kissed, i could feel my pussy swelling with desire. Masters hands were holding my head firmly in place, as was her Master. i felt her tongue dart into my mouth, and i just went into autopilot and shoved my tongue in her mouth, sucking hers into mine. It was Master who finally broke the kiss, saying to the other Dom, “Lets take them to the cross”.

The wonderful thing about BDSM parties is that there is usually someone else in the room, watching, participating, or just being. This brings out even more of the slut in me. Several people were at the dining room table, eating and talking, some watching us, some not. As many Doms do, Master often has an audience when He uses me at parties, and this adds to my excitement. Whats more, it is very arousing to watch others play, between scenes, sort of like a never-ending cacophony of sexual Dominance and submission. During a scene, it adds to my own experience when i hear other slaves moaning and whimpering to the crack of a whip or flogger, or the zapping of a violet wand, or some other more silent but visible torture.

In the living room, there was a beautiful double St. Andrews cross; one of Masters design, if i wasnt mistaken Masters toy bags were nearby.. When we approached the cross, Master undressed me, with my help, while the other slave was undressed as well. Master then put wrist and ankle cuffs on me and proceeded to bind me to the cross, facing inward, arms extended over me and spread, tits hanging and exposed, feet and legs also bound and spread, exposing my ass and pussy. My eyes were closed, the anticipation and excitement almost palpable. What i didnt realize was that the other Dom was binding His slave to the cross in the same manner, so we were facing each other. i opened my eyes and looked into hers and then down at her mouth, and i wanted to kiss her again. Master came up close behind me, putting His hand around the front of me, fingering my clit and dripping pussy, and whispered in my ear, “Good girl, you little slut, you are dripping wet. Do you want to get fucked tonight?” i looked at Him and nodded and whispered, “Yes, Master. Please?”

Master smiled and left my line of sight. i surmised He was grabbing something out of His toy bag, but i couldnt see what it was. When He returned, He showed me 3 spring-action claw-type hair clips, each about an inch long. “I want to see your face, slave.” He proceeded to sweep up some of the hair on one side of my face, and secured it with one of the clips. He came around to the other side and did the same, and then held up the third clip for me to see. i didnt understand the gleam in His eye. He knelt down, bent under the cross, and encased my clit in the third clip. The pain was both excruciating and delicious, and i thought this must have been what Master bought earlier today. My excitement began anew. He stood and whispered in my ear, “How do you like that, slut…?”

I closed my eyes and let out a little whimper of agony from both the pain, and the desire. He left my line of sight again and i returned my focus to the slave on the other side of the cross. Her Master had put clover clamps on her nipples, joined with a chain, and He was holding her head to the side,  kissing her deeply, fingering her pussy from behind. He soon left her and went over to His toy bag and pulled out several floggers. As He approached the cross again, i felt the first blow on my ass from a rubber flogger that was very stingy. i knew exactly which flogger Master had chosen. It was one of my favorites.

Master started gently and slowly at first, and the other Dom began to flog His slave as well. Master soon progressed to the point where i felt the rubber was leaving red marks and perhaps even welts. i felt my ass getting warm, and looked at the woman bound across from me, her eyes closed, and watched her feelings detailed on her face as Her Master flogged her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. As Master proceeded to flog me more forcefully, i began to whimper a little. The other Dom stopped flogging His slave and came closer to the cross, grabbing the backs of each of our heads and pulling them together. “You want each other, dont you, you pair of whores.” He pulled our heads closer so that our lips could barely touch. It was maddening, being flogged painfully, and having those sweet lips so close, but not close enough for a deep satisfying kiss. 

I strained to get closer to her face, not even needing the Dom pushing my head further, and our lips grazed each other and i sensed she was as frustrated as i was. As i strained to kiss her, i felt Master rub my ass gently with the palm of His hand, and i knew what that meant. He snaked His hand between my legs to finger my pussy, and then further forward to tug on the clip secured to my clit. When He stopped rubbing and caressing, i knew i would feel a new sensation. Sure enough, Master had started using His green leather cat i could tell by the feel of it. . My ass was feeling nice and warm at this point, and the cat stung me anew.

The other slave and i continued to try to kiss each other, but it was hit or miss as we were barely able to touch. i stuck the tip of my tongue out and licked her lips and she quickly followed suit. We must have been quite a sight for the rest of the room each of us being flogged, and trying desperately to kiss each other, having to be satisfied with our tongues dancing with each other and licking across each others lips. After several minutes, i was so engrossed in the other slaves mouth that i did not notice that Master had stopped flogging me. i realized it only when i felt His hands on my tits. He pinched and twisted my nipples and then applied clover clamps to them, the pain again both delicious and excruciating. This, coupled with the pain in my clit, was really doing me in.

I started panting stopped kissing the other slave, absorbing the pain and was vaguely aware of the others in the room, in varying states of nudity, some playing, some just sitting and chatting and watching. i heard moans and a yelp now and then, and i brought my gaze back to the slave opposite me. Her Master had stopped flogging her and was removing the clamps from her nipples. She gasped as she felt the ensuing rush of pain, and i knew exactly how she felt. i felt Master rubbing my ass gently again, but i was so absorbed in watching her that i was unprepared for the inevitable first crack of a singletail on my ass.

I dont know what whip Master had selected; maybe the Morgan, maybe the Coyote, but it didnt matter. The popper connected with my ass and i yelped. The other slave smiled at me and then winced through her own pain as her Master massaged her nipples between His fingers, giving her yet more pain to absorb. i felt the crack of the whip again, and closed my eyes, getting lost in the various points of pain i was feeling. As Master continued to whip me, i was vaguely aware that the other Dom was unbinding His slave from the cross, and i saw Him put a blanket around her shoulders. He put His hand between her legs and then held 2 wet fingers in front of my mouth. i greedily lapped at them, tasting her, before they left my line of sight. She looked back and smiled at me. i cocked my head to the side, resting it against the cross, as Master continued to whip my ass, this time leaving welts for sure.

I closed my eyes and focused on the lovely pain He had bestowed upon me the clip on my clit, with its claws digging into me, my clit now swollen with blood; the clamps on my nipples, the pain from which had now become more manageable, and the searing sting of the whip, seemingly never ending. As if Master were reading my thoughts, i felt His hand gently caressing my ass, feeling the fruits of His labour the welts and what would soon include bruises, lovely marks to remind me of His power over me. i had no doubt that i would enjoy them sitting and squirming at my desk come Monday morning.

He brought the whip to my lips to kiss, and i saw He had been using the green Coyote. He then put the whip down and fingered the clip on my clit. It actually hadnt been on for very long, in elapsed time, but it felt like an eternity to me. He removed the clip and massaged my clit, and the pain i felt was not the kind of pain i enjoy feeling, Yet more evidence of His power over me. My pussy was dripping, nevertheless, and Master shoved 2 fingers deep inside me and proceeded to rub my clit again. After several minutes of enduring this more sensuous torture, He chose to draw His fingers across my face, each cheek in turn, knowing full well that i would not be able wipe my pussy juice from my face. i licked what i could reach with my tongue,, and i would just have to let the rest dry there for all to see. He then fingered me again, and put His fingers into my waiting mouth, and as usual, i licked them clean. He then removed the clamps, and the fresh pain made me whimper yet again, such a sweet gift from Him.

He pinched and rolled my nipples, imprinting more pain. When He was satisfied with my nipples and the pain He had inflicted, He proceeded to unclip my wrists and ankles from the cross, leaving the cuffs on me. He grabbed an afghan and wrapped it around me and kissed me deeply, whispering, “you have pleased Me, you little slut.” i was in heaven. He sat me down on the couch to recover, and put His toys back in His bag. He went to the kitchen to get us a couple of drinks, and came to sit next to me, His arm around me keeping me safe and warm.

We watched other couples play for a while, one couple in particular that was using a spanking bench. The Dom had inserted a notched hunk of shaved ginger root up her ass and proceeded to stimulate her, both with floggers and feathers, and we heard her moaning loudly. It was delicious to watch. We also heard behind us that another couple was using the cross, and it sounded like a cane was being used, if one could tell by the whirring sound and the soft screaming we heard.

After a while, Master had decided that i had sufficiently recovered, and He had me stand and He inspected my ass. He seemed quite happy with His handiwork many deep welts, a few bruises beginning to show, but no blood drawn. He stood and led me into another room in the house, this one being the “dungeon” room. It was a room that i had seen many times before, and there was a lovely cage on the floor in the corner. Master caged me, and left for a while. i dont know how long i was in the cage, perhaps 20 or 30 minutes or so, but many people came in and out of the dungeon, some to play, some to watch, and some just to have a look. Some people noticed me, some didnt, but being locked in the cage with nothing else to do, i watched them all with interest. Some commented on my presence, and wanted to let me out of the cage; i had to explain that only Master could let me out.

Master eventually came back into the room. i had no idea where He had been for the last half hour or so, but it didnt matter; He was back! He retrieved me from the cage and led me over to a corner in the dungeon, and it was then that i noticed the slip of paper in His hand. He lifted my arms over my head and bound my wrists to a ceiling hook, and placed a spreader bar between my ankles. i was facing the corner. He then did something to my hair in the back, as i could feel His fingers in my hair, but i have no idea what He did. He kissed my cheek, told me to enjoy myself, and left the room again.

In a few minutes, i felt a pair of hands on my tits. They were massaging my flesh, and pinching and rolling my nipples, kneading my flesh, and it occurred to me that it was a womans hands. i wondered what to do usually Master does not permit people to touch me without His permission. i looked to the side but couldnt see who was there because my arms were in the way. After a few minutes, they stopped and left me. There was more traffic in the dungeon i could hear people coming and going, some chuckling as if something were amusing, and some stopped to touch me intimately. Some felt my face and fingered my mouth, some fingered my clit, pussy or ass, and now and then i was flogged. Several people came through the dungeon during that time, many of them touching me intimately, and i became very aroused. The highlight was when i heard a violet wand snap on, and hoped it would be used on me. i must admit i was a little disappointed when i heard it being used on someone else, and i stood there, listening to the victim screech and moan. After several minutes, i heard footsteps behind me and i saw it before i felt it the wand was being held in front of me where i could see it. Slowly, as i watched, it came towards my left breast, and touched my nipple. i jumped and yelped and felt so totally helpless. The torture continued, on one nipple, then the other, back and forth, for several minutes, before the wand disappeared, and i then felt it between my legs. The urge to close my legs was impulsive, but i was spread out by the spreader bar and just stood and endured it until it ended.

By this time i was incredibly aroused and dying to cum. i couldnt figure out why all these people were touching me when Master usually has a hand in it when He lets others use me. i couldnt figure it out, but eventually Master showed up. He reached around me and started to rub my clit, and snaked a few fingers into my pussy, and said, “You want to cum, dont you, slut…” i writhed against His fingers and let out a whimper. i whispered, “Oh Please….” At that point, He let my wrists down and unhooked the spreader bar, and removed the clip that He had placed on the back of my hair, which He showed to me. It had a small sign hanging from it that said, “USE THIS SLAVE.” Well, that explained it all! He had left me in the dungeon room to be used by anyone who happened to walk by. What a generous Master, both to me, and to the people at the party. i hope they enjoyed it! Master chuckled and said He was nearby the whole time, telling people to come into the dungeon, and to feel free to touch or use me as they wished.  He attached my leash to my collar and led me back to the kitchen.

As i poured us both a drink, Master engaged in conversation with another couple. Like a good slave, i handed Him His drink and remained silent during the conversation, sipping my drink occasionally. Master then led me into the dining room, then the living room, then another room which was set up as a medical room, all the while, chatting with people, with me remaining silent. i was still nude, but for collar and cuffs, and was grateful that i was being led by Him and not left alone somewhere in the house. There was a something to see everywhere one looked many nude slaves being used in various ways, so much pleasure being had; the sounds and sights were delicious.

After wandering around downstairs, Master had us drop off our cups in the kitchen and then He led me upstairs to see what was going on up there. Several stations had been set up in the larger bedrooms and there were more people engaged in a variety of activities; every bedroom was in use. i passed by one room where a woman was tied spread eagle to the bed, moaning loudly, with another woman on top of her, eating her pussy, her ass in the air, while a Dom was flogging the woman doing the eating. i couldnt decide which woman i wanted to be more the one tied up, or the one being flogged. J

We entered the largest bedroom, in which a bench was set up. There were four people in the room, and it looked like they were just wrapping up from a scene putting away toys and wiping down the bench. Master looked happy and asked me if i wanted to try the bench. It was one i had never seen before. i said, “Whatever your pleasure, Master”. Of course, i was thinking to myself, “I really want to try that bench.”

Master had me sit down on the seat. It was padded leather, as was the seat back.  The seat back was extra long, and fairly narrow, with an eyebolt at the top. It was also adjustable so that you could recline it at various angles, from being laying down flat, to sitting upright. There were stirrups for the feet, and something that i couldnt figure out steps on either side. Master adjusted the seat back to the angle He liked, which was about 45 degrees, then clipped my wrist cuffs to the bolt at the top of the seat back so that my arms were extended over my head, exposing my tits. He put my feet in the stirrups and secured my ankle cuffs to another pair of bolts, and used Velcro straps at my knees to secure them to two posts so that i could not close my legs, rendering my pussy exposed also. Whoever built this thing sure knew what they were doing! i figured i knew who built it…

There i was, sitting in a reclined position, my legs spread, knees bent, my arms bound over my head, and Master just walked around the bench, looking at me. He then left the room, and i waited. Some people walked in now and then, and smiled at me, and i smiled back. Master finally returned, with His toy bags and a few friends. He opened His toy bags, selected several items, and laid them out on the bed. One of the women grabbed a dildo and walked over to my pussy, dangling the dildo between her fingers and smiled at me. She said, “I bet you want to be fucked.” i smiled at her, pussy dripping, and said, “Will you please fuck me? Please?”  I looked over at Master, and said, “Please, Master?”

She brought the dildo to my mouth and drew it across my lips. My mouth opened automatically and i sucked it in, wishing it were a real cock. After a few minutes of fucking my mouth with the dildo, she removed it and went back between my legs and drew it along my slit, lubricating it with my pussy juice, rubbing my clit with it in sweet torment. After a few minutes, i was squirming, and she drew the dildo further down and it slipped easily inside my wet pussy. While she fucked me, the other woman was fondling my tits, pinching and rolling my nipples. God i wanted to cum! As if Master read my mind, He said, “You may not cum unless my cock is in your mouth.” i figured that was the end of that, being up on this bench, and that i would have to wait to later to see if He would permit me an orgasm this evening.

The other two men had been just standing there, watching with interest, touching various parts of me, but now one of them was removing His shoes. He proceeded to undress from the waist down and i wondered which one of the other women was going to get fucked. What He did totally surprised me. He climbed up the steps on one side of the bench lifted one leg over and straddled my face using the top step on both sides. As the woman continued to fuck my pussy, the Man dangled His semi-hard cock over my lips and they opened automatically. As He shoved Himself into my mouth, i lost sight of the other people in the room. i soon heard Master talking to me quietly, His head close to mine. As i was fucked in 2 holes, He said, “This is what you wanted, isnt it, slut? Just remember, you may not cum unless it is My cock in your mouth.”

Just as He finished talking, i heard the whirr of a small vibrator, and i wondered how long i would last. i soon felt the vibrator on my clit, knew i was in trouble. With this Man over me, fucking my mouth, the woman fucking my pussy with the dildo, and someone else using the vibrator on my clit, i was soon moaning wildly. As i began to get closer to orgasm, the moaning turned into muffled screeches, i was so close, at which time, the dildo was withdrawn and the vibrator stopped. i whimpered, still sucking the cock in my mouth, so frustrated that i couldnt cum. The Man who was fucking my face was rock hard and He suddenly withdrew and came all over my face. i could feel the cum dribbling down my cheeks, to my neck, and He even let some dribble on my tits. As He climbed off the chair, the two women came up to me and started kissing me and licking off the cum. i was in heaven.

Master had begun flogging my pussy, and it stung, and my desire to cum had died down. The other man applied nipple clamps to my nipples, and i squirmed in pain, panting, face still sticky with saliva and left-over cum. The Man then proceeded to undress from the waist down, and climbed up on the bench. As Master continued to flog me, i greedily accepted this new cock into my mouth and proceeded to suck Him off. This Man was a little different though; He frequently held His cock just outside my mouth, allowing me to lick Him and caress Him  with my lips, occasionally putting it back into my mouth to be sucked. Eventually the flogging stopped, and i felt the dildo and vibrator again. What agony!

Once again, my moaning turned to screeching, and the Man was fucking my mouth harder now. He was getting close to cumming, and i wondered if He would also come on my face. Just when i thought i couldnt take it any more, i was screeching so loudly, the dildo and vibrator were removed and the Man shot His cum down my throat;. i was very happy to eat His cum and suck Him dry, and my frustration grew as my pussy was swollen and my clit throbbed. Master knows by the sounds i make that i am close to cumming, and i surmised that He was having the women withdraw their toys at just the right moment to keep me on the edge. As always, His control over me is complete.

I was still panting when the Man climbed off the chair and finally, i saw what i wanted to see Master was undressing. He walked over to me and proceeded to kead my tits, tugging on the clamp chain, and twisted the clamps on my nipples. i whimpered in pain and closed my eyes, wondering if He would finally permit me sexual release. He stopped twisting the clamps and removed them, pinching and twisting my nipples; the pain was incredible. He whispered in my ear, “Do you really want to cum?” i moaned and practically cried as i said “Please, Master, Please feed me your cock and let me cum…”

He withdrew His hands and climbed up on the chair and straddled me. i dont know who else is still in the room; as Master lowers His hard cock in my waiting mouth, i close my eyes. As Master fucked my mouth, i waited for the dildo and vibrator to come back. In a minute or two, i feel the dildo in my pussy, fucking me very slowly. It is heaven, begin fucked in two places at once, but i feared i would not be able to cum unless the dildo went faster, or unless the vibrator returned. This was nothing but torture, with no release in sight.

Master began to fuck my mouth harder, and He then withdrew His cock a little, and i felt a face next to my face. i opened my eyes to see one of the women putting her mouth on the side of Masters cock. This explained why the vibrator was absent. The dildo was still moving in and out, slowly and deeply, and it was extremely erotic to have this other mouth next to mine on Masters cock. He withdrew His cock and slipped it into her mouth and i was left gasping and greedily trying to get it back. i got my mouth on the side of it, and as He withdrew it again, the womans mouth came down in mine in an incredibly sensual mouth-fucking kiss. His cock came back, and we greedily licked and sucked together. i so desperately wanted to cum!

As if the other woman read my mind, I felt her mouth on my clit, licking and sucking gently. The dildo was still slow, deep, and steady, but it was almost an afterthought what with what else was going on. We continued for several long minutes, sucking, licking, and kissing, until Master grabbed His cock with His hand and proceeded to jerk off in our faces. At that point, the other women stopped sucking on my clit and i whimpered in frustration yet again. Master smeared His cum on our mouths as we kissed and i thought this was the most erotic moment of my life. We licked Master clean, and Master climbed off the chair. The woman with the dildo left my pussy and brought the dildo with her; she kissed the other woman and licked the cum off her face. She then put the dildo in my mouth for me to lick clean, but neither one of them licked Masters cum off my face. i was so horny i couldnt stand it. My pussy was swollen and my clit was throbbing and my nipples were sore and my face was getting dried sticky with cum and i was so wanting to cum i could barely stand it!

The women left the dildo resting on me and left the room, smiling at each other. Master was dressing; the other Men had left Im not sure when. Master then turned to me and began releasing me from the chair. “It is MY choice when you cum, slave, not yours,” He said. “Yes, Master,” i replied. Such is the life of a slave. Master helped me down from the chair and i practically fell down. He led me to the bed and helped me lay down on top of it, dragging an afghan over my body. He sat down next to me and stroked my hair and smiled. He quietly said, “Just because i didnt let you cum, that doesnt mean you didnt please me. You did please me, slave. Along with a few other people.” He smiled again, his smile lighting up His eyes.

“Master, can i please wash my face?” i asked. “No,” He replied. “I want everyone downstairs to know what youve been up to.” We sat there for a few more minutes, Master holding me and stroking my hair while i gathered some strength back. When He was satisfied, He had me get up and clean up the toys and wipe down the bench. As we went downstairs, people noticed the dried cum on my face and smiled at me. Some actually laughed out loud. Master put the toy bags by the wall where theyd be out of the way and told me to fetch us some drinks.

As i made my way back to the kitchen i saw there were still several people playing, but more were just relaxing and talking, many with deep satisfied smiles on their faces. More people were nude now than before, which is usual for a party like this. i poured Master and i drinks, and wandered back into the living room. Master was sitting on the couch and i handed Him His drink; i grabbed a blanket and sat down at His feet. 


He chatted with the other folks in the room, occasionally stroking my hair, for about another half an hour. At that point, He told me to get up and get dressed. “And no, you may not wash your face,” He added. i gathered my clothes from a pile on the floor next to the cross, being careful not to disturb the man who was tied to it, nor the Woman who was using Him , (what a beautiful couple they made) and went upstairs to where i had left my bag. Thankfully that room was empty i didnt want to bother anyone just to retrieve a bag. i put my clothes back on and returned downstairs to find Master in the kitchen, thanking our hosts. “We had a great time,” He said. The Host and hostess kissed me, despite the dried cum on my face, which was nice of them, and we hugged and said our goodbyes.

As usual, when we arrived home, Master and i shared cocktails and talked about the evening. i signed onto the computer and wrote a thank you email to the Host and hostess, and we went to bed, each of us tired but extremely happy. Master permitted me to wash my face, and as i crawled into bed, He grabbed me and held me close. “I love you, Master,” i whispered. He replied, “Maybe tomorrow Ill let you cum….”

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