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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Poetry by Sa'eela

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Arabesque by Sa'eela
Filed in: music, slave, dance, veil

she floats gracefully into his vision, moving silently, daintily on her rounded hennaed feet. soft silken scarves adorn her revealing only enough to tantalize, to make him hunger for a glimpse of mor[...]

Bound by Sa'eela
Filed in: bondage, desire, pleasure, passion

she glanced up and suddenly found herself bound captured her heart stolen by a dark thief playful games turned deadly serious laughter gone her heart racing at the touch of his lips on the back of h[...]

Broken by Sa'eela
Filed in: pleasure, pain, tears, memories, loss

curled in a ball whimpering softly in her sleep she lies impish grin forgotten her pain fresh, welted her heart harshly crushed where is that spirit now the wildness that danced rampant gone.. gone [...]

Dark Knight by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, slave, mystery, contract

'twas a dark night when i met you my dark knight. ye came to me stealthily hiding in shadows keeping secrets aye, ye were full of mystery, and yet... hauntingly familiar was your voice as if from a [...]

Gifts by Sa'eela
Filed in: d/s, slavery, heart, gifts

the first were small she gifted him a smile he returned with his own she gave her time obeyed for a brief interlude and he gave her a gift of new knowledge, new sensations he claimed to be a thief a[...]

Golden Chain by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, heart, soul, gifts, chain

a golden chain links her heart to his binds her to him in her love the words he speaks a gift to her soul her replies are soft whispers gentle caresses they share their souls gifting each other with[...]

Inadequate by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, words, feelings

i prided myself on my eloquence i relished the form of the words forcing them to say what my heart felt but there was you pushing me without a touch urging me to speak what i felt and suddenly the f[...]

Incomplete by Sa'eela
Filed in: d/s, memories, rebirth

he came to her laughing.. playing her game teasing.. teaching.. guiding her heart bruised hidden he showed her the way made pain into joy pushed her into places she'd never dared he shared his soul[...]

Ode to Pain by Sa'eela
Filed in: pleasure, pain, personification, lover

ah, pain! you are my constant companion more faithful than my lover and more jealous of my smiles you follow me like[...]

Passion by Sa'eela
Filed in: desire, pleasure

just his presence sets her heart racing makes her body throb her lips ache for his his eyes, filled with fire turned banked embers to infernos, flames of need, filling her with molten desire and the[...]

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