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Hundreds of the most informative essays have been hand-picked for depth of knowledge and varied opinions with new and seasoned practitioners in mind. A wide range of topics are available for you to explore. Donations are always open so submit your essay to The Iron Gate for consideration!

Essays by Norische

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Leash Laws: The Basics of Leash Training by Norische
Filed in: training, leash

The fantasy of the leash, when someone is on a leash they enter a fantasy world, created within the boundaries of their own mind. Somewhere within the recesses of the deep dark catacombs of their mind[...]

Like A Slap In The Face: The Basics of Face Slapping by Norische
Filed in: how-to, slapping

There are many different types of impact play that exist within the realm of the BDSM world. None appear to be more controversial than face slapping. The effects of face slapping go farther than any o[...]

Mystique De Lavage: The Basics of Enemas by Norische
Filed in: how-to, enemas

What is an Enema? An enema is the procedure of introducing liquids into the bowel via the anus. Enemas can be carried out for medical reasons, as part of alternative therapies, and also for erotic pu[...]

On My Honor: Understanding the Moral Obligations of a Dominant by Norische
Filed in: dominance, d/s, protocol

What is a Dominant's moral obligation to his or her slave? This is a very interesting question, one that can be answered in many manners. In order to understand what a Dominant\'s moral obligation to[...]

Orientation 10: Timing by Norische
Filed in: training

Timing is something that is frequently overlooked when it comes to training a slave. However, the aspect of training is actually very important. A slave that arrives too soon will make an owner feel r[...]

Orientation 11: Discretion by Norische
Filed in: training

Being discrete is something that many of us take for granted; I however, feel that it is necessary to include this subject. Some individuals feel that if you behave in a discrete manner that you are [...]

Orientation 12: Patience by Norische
Filed in: training

Patience is the hardest thing for a slave to learn, and hence it must be one of the first things they are introduced too. A slave is always waiting on his or her owner, waiting to serve, waiting to b[...]

Orientation 1: Service by Norische
Filed in: training

Service is one of the most primary, the most basic of terms within the BDSM realm. Service can loosely be defined as an act or work done by one individual to the benefit another, but what does service[...]

Orientation 2: Baggage by Norische
Filed in: training

When I speak of baggage I do not speak of your trusty old set of Samsonite, I am speaking of emotional baggage. Emotional baggage is a laymen's term for the emotional turmoil and distress that each i[...]

Orientation 3: Attitude by Norische
Filed in: training

Attitude is another one of the corner stones that serve as a good foundation for any slave. Remember that the attitude of the slave can very well set the attitude of the house, and hence the atmospher[...]

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