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Hundreds of the most informative essays have been hand-picked for depth of knowledge and varied opinions with new and seasoned practitioners in mind. A wide range of topics are available for you to explore. Donations are always open so submit your essay to The Iron Gate for consideration!

Essays by Norische

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Orientation 4: Obedience by Norische
Filed in: training

Obedience is a gray area within an owner/slave relationship. To some owners obedience is blind; a slave has no place to question the command of the owner under any circumstances. To me obedience is un[...]

Orientation 5: Honesty by Norische
Filed in: training

Honesty is something that starts long before the slave meets the owner. It begins within the individual. The slave must be able to be honest with him or herself, to know his or her own imperfections, [...]

Orientation 6: Communication by Norische
Filed in: training

It is the responsibility of the slave to learn how to communicate properly and to appropriately. Good communication is a key element for an owner/slave relationship. There are a few simple instruction[...]

Orientation 7: Respect by Norische
Filed in: training

"Respect as defined by Webster's Dictionary may be used as a verb or noun, and comes from two Latin combinations: re-, back + specere, look at). Our modern meanings include: 1. to feel or show ho[...]

Orientation 8: Trust by Norische
Filed in: training

The first thing that must be stated about trust is that it is a critical portion of BDSM. From the moment a slave is cuffed and blindfolded he or she is helpless and at the complete mercy of the owner[...]

Orientation 9: Duty / Responsibility by Norische
Filed in: training

It is the duty of each and every slave to be honest. Remember that your word is your honor, and without honor you have no place as a slave. It is the duty of each and every slave to be obedient. Obed[...]

Ouch Is Not A Safe Word: Safe Words, Limits, and Scene Protocol by Norische
Filed in: health and safety, play, safe words

Safe words, when you are new to the BDSM lifestyle you hear a lot of new terms, one term that always seems to cause a little confusion is the term "Safe word". A safe word is any word or ph[...]

Pecking Order: Multiple Slave Households by Norische
Filed in: training, slavery, protocol

Many individuals prefer multiple slaves/subs within the BDSM lifestyle. Several households have two, three, or more slaves/subs; in all honesty it is not unusual for an owner to prefer two or three sl[...]

Presentation 1: Appearance by Norische
Filed in: training

The first point that should be made about a slave's appearance is that the slave is always a direct reflection of the Owner. While the Owner ordains the general appearance of the slave, the slave mus[...]

Presentation 2: Casual Appearance by Norische
Filed in: training

Casual appearance refers to the general attire that a slave is expected to present on a standard basis. Some Owners prefer the slave to be nude and hence casual would be irrelevant. However, some Owne[...]

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