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Essays Tagged: Health and safety

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It's Raining Men: The Basics of Piss Play by Norische
Filed in: health and safety, watersports

Urine – Liquid waste product produced by the kidneys. The volume of urine depends on the fluid intake and diet. An average amount of urine excreted within a 24-hour period is between 0.8 and 2.6[...]

Emotional Safety by Bluedeacon
Filed in: relationships, health and safety

One of the elements of a good relationship that many people either overlook or are unaware of, is emotional safety, what it entails, and how to create it. My hope here is to explore first what it is w[...]

Anal Odyssey by Mistress G and Alan
Filed in: health and safety, anal sex, scene

Why incorporate anal play into D/S scenes? It feels good; the area is sensitive and erotic, interconnected to sexual organs Produces a feeling of vulnerability and of penetration and p[...]

Offline/Online BDSM Safety Rules by Screamer
Filed in: health and safety, online, dating

Safety 101 Class #1 - Online D/s - AOL or IRC Even in our little online world, there is danger. For all new Doms and subs alike, here are a few [...]

Electricity Play: Demo Report by Bob Kosovsky
Filed in: health and safety, electroplay

On Nov. 9 [1994] the Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA) [of New York] had an evening devoted to the use of electricity. The man and woman who led the demonstration (I did not catch their names) basical[...]

Predators by Silent Intruder
Filed in: health and safety, d/s

It never ceases to amaze Me that sane, intelligent M/men and W/women seem to become mere children at the hands of a smooth-talking Dom/me (or sub)....putty to be molded and shaped and crafted into so[...]

Healthy Breast Bondage by Susan Wright
Filed in: health and safety, bondage, breasts

This document brings together information available on breast trauma and hypoxemia, usually quoting verbatim from the sources. Most of the information in Healthy Breast Bondage was found on the intern[...]

D/s Medical Advice: Prevention and Treatment of Injuries / Adverse Conditions by A D/s Physician
Filed in: health and safety

Table of Contents:Introduction Sexually Transmitted DiseaseRisk Factors Partial List of Diseases PreventionInjuries: Prevention and TreatmentThe Importance of the Right Partner Safety Tips Drugs and A[...]

The Dominant's First Aid Kit by SAADE
Filed in: dominance, health and safety, play

This material is the exclusive property of SAADE and may be reproduced and shared if accompanied with this notice at the top of the document. Assemble one first aid kit for your home[...]

Dealing with Law Enforcement at Your Door by Sir Bamm!
Filed in: how-to, health and safety, legal

Hopefully the time will never come that this happens to you: You�re in the middle of a play party, your guests are in various states of undress, your friends are beating and being beaten and there�s a[...]

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