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Top 20 Politically Correct Way To Call Someone A Pervert

Author: Unknown

Filed in: humor

20. Morally Challenged

19. Sadomasochistically-engineered

18. Sensationally-accomplished

17. Kinkifically-resolved

16. Exhibitionismically-oriented

15. Missionary-incompatible

14. Dominantly-endowed

13. Submissively-enabled

12. Orientation-curious

11. Contusion-achieved

10. Gender-empowered

9. Pain-reliant

8. Polycapable

7. Deviationally-fixated

6. Fetish-accessible

5. Restraint-compatible

4. Leather-dependent

3. Endorphin-enhanced

2. Spank-natured

And the #1 politically correct way to ay 'pervert'...

1. Vanilla-impaired

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