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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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lying at Her feet by Mahoganyspassion
Filed in: submission, need, climax

do You know she wonders the fire that rages deep within a breath, a touch her body screams to be Yours but she stays silent, content to just be near You enveloped in Your scen[...]

A True Slave by Mistress Genni
Filed in: slavery, truth, realness

As he fell to my feet I could see he wasn’t true  His eyes lowered and his chest flexed out I could tell from the way he held himself he was just a boy Lowing his body to the floor as hi[...]

Not what You want by Mahoganyspassion
Filed in: torture, orgasm, pleasure, manual sex

slipping between already glistening lips long slender fingers glide over the tip of my now pulsing clit hips raising to demand more but thats not what You want...using two fingers to pu[...]

A Voice by luna
Filed in: submission, control, growth, master, voice

Can you hear me? I am whispering your name. My mind has sung the praises of your love, traveled the hopes and dreams as they are born. You bring life to joy. Heartfelt pride and honor keep you strong[...]

A Slave's Prayer by Greg's little one
Filed in: submission, prayer, rhyme

Please let me forever be open to learn and understand. Please let my service be absolute, To accept His guiding hand.   Please let me have patience, when angry, hurt, or full of doubt. Please let[...]

Submissive Prayer by Unknown
Filed in: love, service, prayer, submissive

Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fathom. Allow me the spirit to know his needs. Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts. Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace. Allow me the [...]

Silent Steps by ladyjade
Filed in: bondage, scene, rhyme

she walks on silent steps in timenot knowing what he has in mindto new to guess her heart beats fastshe wonders if this time will last blindfold eyes  she know the drillhands and k[...]

the toybox by luna
Filed in: toys, whip, flogger, crop, cane

expertly crafted, box-weaved-- Rubber Whip stings. twenty tailed, braided-handle-- Suede Flogger slaps. slender rod, leather-ended-- Riding Crop snaps. strong leather split-in-two-- English Tawse [...]

A Night To Remember by luna
Filed in: sex, love, vanilla, erotic, sensual

Dressed in the slinky, black silk nightgown She stands at the bedside looking down on her lover with lust, Thinking he looks so sexy Making love to him is a must. She leans over him, and touches [...]

Absence by luna
Filed in: submission, absence, longing

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, What do you call a relationship based on being apart? I hope to one day be with You, I dream of a real life affair. You my Master, I submit to You, Completely.[...]

Crashing waterfalls by Mahoganyspassion

its the journey of how You take me that leaves me breathless fingers grazing, gracefully dancing like water droplets becoming more frequent as rain smooth as it washes over me tend[...]

Cry by allurement
Filed in: submission, tears, memories, release

    At first I gave him... what I knew I could give.... The flesh for the taking.... the easy part. Something I had mastered, long before I knew him. Such a sacraficial lamb, and yet I.[...]

Candles, Satin and Leather by luna
Filed in: submission, lifestyle, scene, heart

The rhythmic beat of the drums in the background Challenge my heart to the same beat Adrenaline pumps through my veins Heightening sensations Raising the heat I stand at attention, eyes down Hands cl[...]

it begins with... by Mahoganyspassion
Filed in: play, erotic, pleasure, passion

it begins with mischevious look Her eyes captivating mine and She waits knowing each second my heart beats faster body begins to quiver in anticipation thighsspreading as warmth tu[...]

Spark by luna
Filed in: desire, spark, growth

A spark has been ignited in me The flame unquenchable I need someone to feed it Make it burn brighter Glow stronger Let it overtake me Consume me; body and soul You are holding the match Ligh[...]

Submissive I Will Be by Slave Marie
Filed in: love, submissive, pleasure

I am a submissive I will not fear what my Master will do upon my body I will give into all that he seeks I will not shelter nor cover myself when his hand brushes my skin I will moan with pleasu[...]

Submissive by Slave Marie
Filed in: submissive, pledge

As a submissive I will honor you I will obey any commands you give me I shall not speak unless I am spoken to I shall not open my mouth when the strap comes in contact with my flesh I will give[...]

All I Want by luna
Filed in: desire, pleasure, pain, want

The fear I once had, Has been dissolved, In an instant of pain. That pain so thrilling, I can only crave it again. My mind was so uncertain, Till that door was opened. Bring me to that sweet pa[...]

Affirmation by luna
Filed in: love, service, master, worship

I could never love another, As I do my Master today. I could never hold one so close to my heart, Than my Love, my God and my King. He is my world, my everlasting; My strength, my hope, my future. Wit[...]

His property by ChocletRn
Filed in: submission, desire, want, weakness

I want to belong to him  That doesn't make me weak    I need to be His   That doesn't make me weak    I serve Him in all I do  That doesn't make me weak   [...]

I Kneel Down So I Can See A Higher Place... by little pet
Filed in: submission, love, trust, pledge

When I kneel down and look up into Your eyes,   I see the pure Love You give and I am filled completely.     When I lower my head for you to place my collar on me,   I see the p[...]

My Dearest Master by Slave Marie
Filed in: love, pleasure, surrender, pain

I want to start off by saying I love you I can't live my life without you You have shown me another life I can't go without The pain you leave upon my body when you close the door behind, it's li[...]

Dominant View by luna
Filed in: dominance, power, pleasure, pain

Kneel before me and show me your devotion, I'll place you upon a pedestal in my heart. Serve me with joy and happiness always And I will be always grateful for you. Take pleasure in the pain I admin[...]

Bound by Sa'eela
Filed in: bondage, desire, pleasure, passion

she glanced up and suddenly found herself bound captured her heart stolen by a dark thief playful games turned deadly serious laughter gone her heart racing at the touch of his lips on the back of h[...]

Submission is... by skylerpet
Filed in: submission, love, service, obedience, acceptance

Submission is...being the best me I can be...ensuring everything I do is dedicated to Him...learning to dedicate my whole life to another...learning to accept my faults and striving to improve them...[...]

Leather, Rope and Steel by luna
Filed in: submission, bondage, control, pleasure, soul

Bind my body Ensnare my soul Tease the senses My  thoughts, You control Take me with You On this journey of seduction Your hands can show me The world I long to know You hold the key To[...]

Dance of the Naked Slave by luna
Filed in: music, erotic, desire, slave, dance, nude

The slave stands softly, fingers gliding across the soft flesh of her thighs, her short coral silk robe cinched at the waist, full breasts peaking out from behind the fabric, silver bangles jingling[...]

Broken by Sa'eela
Filed in: pleasure, pain, tears, memories, loss

curled in a ball whimpering softly in her sleep she lies impish grin forgotten her pain fresh, welted her heart harshly crushed where is that spirit now the wildness that danced rampant gone.. gone [...]

Promise by Sa'eela
Filed in: dreams, desire, longing

dreaming.. of the first time seeing you your eyes meeting mine knowing.. you'll lift my hand brush it softly with warm lips your eyes on fire feeling.. the pent-up passion my deep need of you a shiv[...]

Submission by eva
Filed in: submission, love, pleasure, happiness

snuggling in the crook of his arm ultimate bliss beauty in sharing the moment.  Exhilaration and intense longing  as he gently kisses my lips strong desires as he places his hand on my thigh[...]

A Gift From God by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, prayer, rhyme, master

I started to pray to God up above,for him to send me a good Master to love.One that will teach me that right way to serve,that i may give him all that he deserve.One that has that gentle touch,that i [...]

True Liberation by Gina Jones
Filed in: submission, rhyme, desire, want, passion

Would that you were of flesh and bloodAnd not a mere shadow upon my mindTo weave your darkest, deepest mysteryAs a vine around a blossom, entwinedWould that you were of substance not fancyOf strength [...]

Why I Give Myself Away by Katelynn Dastardly
Filed in: submission, desire, longing, offering, submit

To give myself to you, Wholly, fully, completely, This is the goal. Why do I want to let you be the one in charge of me, Instead of being the one in charge?   Oh, to be free,[...]

Obedient Surrender by samira
Filed in: submission, love, power, surrender

 I want to surrender to you…Allow my soul to drift upon the dark seaThat I may feel small and helpless surround by its power.  I want to surrender to you…Let the storm over tak[...]

Good Morning Master .......This is Your Shoujo Dorei by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, service, greeting, respect

Good morning Master....this is your shoujo dorei (little girl slave),she will freely give you what ever you so desire,her mind, body, and heart is yours to own and charish, to have when ever and where[...]

Daddy's Lil' Whore by Melissa Geer
Filed in: rhyme, slave, obedience, slut, whore

   Daddy's Lil ' Whore is what I am,his slave to obey his every command.   When were alone  just me and him,I know that together we were meant to be part of a masterplan. [...]

Surrender by PAELUS
Filed in: surrender, trust, adoration

Trust Me with your heart.Place it in My hands,To crush or caress.Trust that I will not hurt you.Give it to Me because you desire Me to possess it,Not because it is My will.Trust Me with your mind.Plac[...]

Kajira's love for her Master by RavynVampyre
Filed in: desire, master, slave, soulmates

My Master voice becons out to me, His voice gentle as the night's breeze. His voice cools the flames upon my flesh. Amongst all I am His favorite, I dare not glance up at His handsome face, But yearn [...]

The Collar by luna
Filed in: love, power, trust, release, collar

With all its glittering, weighted mentioning Power to strengthen a wavering heart; Whether solid metal, chain or leather, It takes all love, control and encompasses all Simple, symbolic and mentally o[...]

Alone by londonlady
Filed in: absence, sadness, darkness, lonly, alone

Darkness is close surrounding me holding me close as i rock holding myself close so alone His presences is gone i scream into the darkness ! i ask the darkness why did i do that why d[...]

Come to me by Jays slave
Filed in: desire, master, slave, longing

Come to me Master    Use Your fingers to wipe away my tears...Come to me Master     Use Your soothing voice to chase away my fears...Come to me Master   Us[...]

long ago, saving grace by submissive giana
Filed in: submission, love, rhyme, chains, darkness

Through the darkness of agesto the stains on her heartfrom within He will save herHe will tear her apartFrom the books it was writtento the words on her breaththe blood He would spill that would save [...]

Love Untitled by luna
Filed in: love, rhyme, feelings, ode

Oh beautiful Venus, come hear my song! My muse, Yea, hallowed goddess, belong, Amidst my lyrical passion filled quest; Resolving love's difficulty, may I be blessed. Lovers in history search for an e[...]

Fire in My Soul by luna
Filed in: desire, soul, cravings

There is a fire in my soul burning and craving a single fuel It aches constantly And isn't far from my mind. The fire was started by me To provide warmth Comfort, ecstasy When everything I knew fail[...]

powerful memories by submissive giana
Filed in: dominance, submission, play, rhyme

her hands are bound behind her backa blindfold masks her sighta gag to silence any wordsif arises the need to fighta hand from darkness risescaressing strands of hairanother moves and she can feelthe [...]

As I Embark by luna
Filed in: lifestyle, control, power, adventure

On this new adventure I sense the challenges ahead They excite me I look at you The power and control Coolly displayed  on your face Restraints in hand As you bend to secure my bonds The tension[...]

Questions of a Submissive by luna
Filed in: submission, questions

How do you like it? Are you a soft and gentle master Or a cold unyielding lord? Will you treat me to pains And pleasures alike; Those I am familiar And those I'd like to explore? Do you have the pati[...]

Close Your eyes Sir by akittenone
Filed in: submission, sex, fellatio, oral sex, sensual, pleasure

Close Your eyes Sir Close Your Eyes and feel my touchFeel my fingers trailing over Your body,My hand touching You as i lean closerMy lips kissing You as i move lower on You My hand teasing You hard ni[...]

Forever His by Master's Desire
Filed in: submission, training, service, rhyme, personal

When I close my eyesMy Masters figure appearsmy body completely relaxesas He draws me near His touch like a firebeing etched into my skinmy mind is totally freeas the training will begin My [...]

tripping the wires of desire by The Enigmatic Angel
Filed in: intensity, pleasure, imagery, play

it becomes like a drug the intensity of the moment  you crave it so  you need your fix  you need that explosion inside your mind and the complete and utter surrender of your flesh&nb[...]

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