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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Silent Steps by ladyjade
Filed in: bondage, scene, rhyme

she walks on silent steps in timenot knowing what he has in mindto new to guess her heart beats fastshe wonders if this time will last blindfold eyes  she know the drillhands and k[...]

A True Slave by Mistress Genni
Filed in: slavery, truth, realness

As he fell to my feet I could see he wasn’t true  His eyes lowered and his chest flexed out I could tell from the way he held himself he was just a boy Lowing his body to the floor as hi[...]

Crashing waterfalls by Mahoganyspassion

its the journey of how You take me that leaves me breathless fingers grazing, gracefully dancing like water droplets becoming more frequent as rain smooth as it washes over me tend[...]

lying at Her feet by Mahoganyspassion
Filed in: submission, need, climax

do You know she wonders the fire that rages deep within a breath, a touch her body screams to be Yours but she stays silent, content to just be near You enveloped in Your scen[...]

Not what You want by Mahoganyspassion
Filed in: torture, orgasm, pleasure, manual sex

slipping between already glistening lips long slender fingers glide over the tip of my now pulsing clit hips raising to demand more but thats not what You want...using two fingers to pu[...]

it begins with... by Mahoganyspassion
Filed in: play, erotic, pleasure, passion

it begins with mischevious look Her eyes captivating mine and She waits knowing each second my heart beats faster body begins to quiver in anticipation thighsspreading as warmth tu[...]

Daddy's Lil' Whore by Melissa Geer
Filed in: rhyme, slave, obedience, slut, whore

   Daddy's Lil ' Whore is what I am,his slave to obey his every command.   When were alone  just me and him,I know that together we were meant to be part of a masterplan. [...]

Slave by darkissslave
Filed in: slave, service, dance

Eyes downward and breast pushed forwardHips tucked in legs spread wideOnly makes my body your slaveGiving over to you… for your useNaked and whimperingMarks of ownership upon meYour marks o ple[...]

Something from a dream.... by pet
Filed in: waiting, suspense, pleasure

bound,silence,waiting.....footsteps.Masters touch,fingure tips,and now "toys",feared and quick sting,and then another.wanting more...pain,take me awaytake metill the world fadesa[...]

God's Message by Bill
Filed in: surrender, sex, transformation, worship, god

you are lying beneath Mecollared, cuffed and quite nude -you know your true placeand I'm much in the moodto use you, to mold youto conquer your soul -to lead you in lifeand to make you feel whole.It i[...]

Surrender by PAELUS
Filed in: surrender, trust, adoration

Trust Me with your heart.Place it in My hands,To crush or caress.Trust that I will not hurt you.Give it to Me because you desire Me to possess it,Not because it is My will.Trust Me with your mind.Plac[...]

The grind by Linda
Filed in: words, simple

simple words fall from parted lipsand echo through the mindwilling handsgrip helplessly tohold against the grindrustling hair whisps wildlyi smell the scentof youcareless motions of body and soulutter[...]

Forever His by Master's Desire
Filed in: submission, training, service, rhyme, personal

When I close my eyesMy Masters figure appearsmy body completely relaxesas He draws me near His touch like a firebeing etched into my skinmy mind is totally freeas the training will begin My [...]

my Completion by shine
Filed in: submission, happiness, personal

Such is the smile that melts a heart,Such is the love that mends the same,Grasped within Your soul , i'll grow,truth found,and trust complete,faith and honor,together bound,The rain will leave,The sea[...]

Slave's heart speaks by Roysspanishrose
Filed in: love, passion

Fire upon my blade burns brightly the touch of the blade to my flesh can't quench the burning in my heart for the one I belong to. He is ever so far still my heart yearns for the flame of. His touch t[...]

The Rope by radiogirl2009
Filed in: rope bondage, seduction

I am seduced by the ropeBeautiful purple cords that bind me for HimThe silkiness on the back of my neck excites meas I prepare myself for him.For the rope has been in his handsHard, demanding, beautif[...]

Vomit In My Mouth (Faustian Bargain) by Johnny Noir
Filed in: fetish, rhyme, eroticism

Vomit in my mouth & I will swallow, Pee on me & I will wallow— For you to sit and smother me to death Like a mother I should not hold my breath, I would gladly die beneath your far[...]

Obedient Surrender by samira
Filed in: submission, love, power, surrender

 I want to surrender to you…Allow my soul to drift upon the dark seaThat I may feel small and helpless surround by its power.  I want to surrender to you…Let the storm over tak[...]

My lover, my enemy, my God by Ayhoka
Filed in: desire, pain, lover, God

My lover, my enemy, my God. For it is you I love and desire. It is you I hate and despise. It is you I worship and honor. Why is my need for you so strong? Why is it only through you I can find peace [...]

Master by margo
Filed in: love, master, guidance

I am on my knees, naked with your collar around my neckI meditate on my prayerAnd impress each line on my mind and my heart.My understanding faltersYou are there to guide me.[...]

A Slaves Desire by slave marie
Filed in: desire, want, craving

Sitting here wishing to be tiedCraving, that whip upon my skinNeeding his hand around my neckLooking at the bowl at the end of the counterI close my eyes for a brief momentfeeling my tongue lapping&nb[...]

Cigarette by Velvet Stallion
Filed in: fetish, intimacy, smoking

You invite me to coffee.Nothing fancy.A latte, skim, no foam.I'm early, always.Your entrance is always grand to me.We take our drinks to a table.Outside, the air is fresh.We sit.And talk.There are no [...]

Breathe by Velvet Stallion
Filed in: pleasure, pain, sensations, breath

Quietly, unheard but sensed,A thought, like shadowPasses through my mind and you are with me.Sensation, unimagined before we touched,Courses through me.My chest becomes hot,My nipples tingle,Pain, lik[...]

Black & Red by Velvet Stallion
Filed in: play, pleasure, pain

Black and red,In strands of woven leather,Such beauty.Just a tool, or maybe less,Just an object,Until it finds your hand,And then,It comes to life.Each strand, a living thing,A hungry tongue,A teasing[...]

Submission is... by skylerpet
Filed in: submission, love, service, obedience, acceptance

Submission is...being the best me I can be...ensuring everything I do is dedicated to Him...learning to dedicate my whole life to another...learning to accept my faults and striving to improve them...[...]

Ecstacy (For My Master) by Tiggie_Rose
Filed in: love, power, pleasure, pain, ecstacy

Your fingers wind within my hairYour eyes blazing, bright as dayMy breath comes in ragged gaspsAs I melt, a body of clay.Your power slowly begins to moldThe deepest reservations of my soulThat I give [...]

Taste by Jay's slave
Filed in: sex, orgasm, desire, sensations, blow job, senses

I taste him. His sheer maleness wakens my senses, arouses my spirit, stimulates a moist warmth within. I ache inside want him, want him, need to be filled by him, breathe his musky scent. I caress, ki[...]

Submissive Prayer by Unknown
Filed in: love, service, prayer, submissive

Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fathom. Allow me the spirit to know his needs. Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts. Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace. Allow me the [...]

Because by Jay's Slave
Filed in: love, passion, commitment

 My life has been touchedBecause we have walkedA special walk together Because you matter to meBecause we are friends Because you have given me courageBecause I have given you inspirati[...]

My "Stange" Love by Robin
Filed in: love, pain, openness, definition

What is my definition of love?  Love is flowers and candy filling the room.  Maybe it is sitting in the park watching doves,  Or some may think it's impending doom.  Some may think[...]

Quantum of Solace by Gina Jones
Filed in: love, rhyme, solace

Desirous of your favoured countenance From hapless state I speak you fair, To entreat you then, to my heart’s circumstance Of love and hope and not despair. Love so great, that heaven cannot hol[...]

Pledge by Gina Jones
Filed in: rhyme, pledge

My heart, my soul and life I pledge to Thee,Within my being Thy commands are penned. Please bestow Thy grace and favour upon me, In strength and honour thus my will doth bend. For I offer Thee my subm[...]

Intentions by Gina Jones
Filed in: submission, rhyme, surrender

Stooping low to gaze uponThe wonder that is youFrom heights aboveIn rarefied airClear vision And thoughts of love  Stooping low to place myselfWithin your care and graceAnd therein restsMy heart [...]

True Liberation by Gina Jones
Filed in: submission, rhyme, desire, want, passion

Would that you were of flesh and bloodAnd not a mere shadow upon my mindTo weave your darkest, deepest mysteryAs a vine around a blossom, entwinedWould that you were of substance not fancyOf strength [...]

Because by Jay's slave
Filed in: love, commitment

My life has been touchedBecause we have walkedA special walk together Because you matter to meBecause we are friends Because you have given me courageBecause I have given you inspiration&nbs[...]

Beloved slave by bound gypsy
Filed in: slavery, longing, envy

“Beloved slave” is what it saida phrase on nothing more then a trinketa small round tag carried with her  but oh how I envied herthat small thingto feel the true love of a Mastereach [...]

Why I Give Myself Away by Katelynn Dastardly
Filed in: submission, desire, longing, offering, submit

To give myself to you, Wholly, fully, completely, This is the goal. Why do I want to let you be the one in charge of me, Instead of being the one in charge?   Oh, to be free,[...]

The Gift by londonlady
Filed in: submission, peace, gift, presence

His gift to me was immeasurableHis time was limitedBut the beauty of the loveWas without measureHis gift was given to meHere in my OasisHe held the keyTo more than the lockHe taught me of my beautyI g[...]

Alone by londonlady
Filed in: absence, sadness, darkness, lonly, alone

Darkness is close surrounding me holding me close as i rock holding myself close so alone His presences is gone i scream into the darkness ! i ask the darkness why did i do that why d[...]

the aftermath of Him by submissive giana
Filed in: patience, sadness, loss

Behind the mask she wears as skinScars and pain start deep withinOutwardly working to tear her apartGripping her soul as it shatters her heartEach day moving slowly to look at a faceUnrecognizable, go[...]

powerful memories by submissive giana
Filed in: dominance, submission, play, rhyme

her hands are bound behind her backa blindfold masks her sighta gag to silence any wordsif arises the need to fighta hand from darkness risescaressing strands of hairanother moves and she can feelthe [...]

One of her night-terrors by submissive giana
Filed in: bondage, love, rhyme, dream, dark

Life is just a dream beyond the stagelights turned off as darkness flowsback and forth to test the limitsboung and shackled within a cageencompassing fear to cloud all sightcrimson sweetness covers th[...]

Punishment by akittenone
Filed in: punishment, love, discipline, pain

The sweet snap of pain Running though my bodyEyes closing in regretOf a punishment deservedThe feel of the leatherAgainst my flushed fleshThe agonised burn As a lesson is taughtThe feel of a handStrok[...]

Close Your eyes Sir by akittenone
Filed in: submission, sex, fellatio, oral sex, sensual, pleasure

Close Your eyes Sir Close Your Eyes and feel my touchFeel my fingers trailing over Your body,My hand touching You as i lean closerMy lips kissing You as i move lower on You My hand teasing You hard ni[...]

Come to me by Jays slave
Filed in: desire, master, slave, longing

Come to me Master    Use Your fingers to wipe away my tears...Come to me Master     Use Your soothing voice to chase away my fears...Come to me Master   Us[...]

I Love Him.......He Loves Me Not by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, absence, longing, sadness

I love the way he walks, I love the way he talks, but he doesnt love me.I love the way he smells, I love the way he feels, but he doesnt love me.I love the way he smiles, I love the way he laughs, but[...]

Good Morning Master .......This is Your Shoujo Dorei by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, service, greeting, respect

Good morning Master....this is your shoujo dorei (little girl slave),she will freely give you what ever you so desire,her mind, body, and heart is yours to own and charish, to have when ever and where[...]

without a word by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, absence, belief

he walks into your life just as your about to give up,whispering sweet nothings in your ear.telling you how beautiful you are, he tells you all the things he wants for you. how much of good life he wi[...]

Why? by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: pain, questions, doubt

why do you tell me you want me then ignore me?why do you come over and want me to serve you but wont help when i need something?why do you tell me to stop talking to other doms but you dont talk to me[...]

give him by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, rhyme, giving

i give him my trust,even though its not a must.i give him my submission,cause he respects my position.i give him my body,cause OMG he is a hottie.i give him my heart,cause i trust we will never part.i[...]

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