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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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A Gift From God by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, prayer, rhyme, master

I started to pray to God up above,for him to send me a good Master to love.One that will teach me that right way to serve,that i may give him all that he deserve.One that has that gentle touch,that i [...]

Ranes Chair by Greg's little one
Filed in: rhyme, desire, sadness, ache

Sitting here in your chairYou’re around me everywhereSitting here for you to seeNothing more than just meMy heart breaks for you tonightI am finished with this fightMy soul cries for you once mo[...]

Forgettable by Greg's little one
Filed in: memory, faded, forgettable

Hey you! Hey!Do you see me?Am i still here? Or am i just a memory thats faded.Here at your fingertips.Do you remember how i made you feel?Do you have any idea how you made me feel?i scream inside my h[...]

long ago, saving grace by submissive giana
Filed in: submission, love, rhyme, chains, darkness

Through the darkness of agesto the stains on her heartfrom within He will save herHe will tear her apartFrom the books it was writtento the words on her breaththe blood He would spill that would save [...]

What would you do/ what would i do by moonmuse
Filed in: trust, soul, control, questions, belonging

What would you do if she came to youAnd knelt quietly by your sideHer heart in her handWould you understand?What would you do if she came to youWith love in her eyes and trust in her soulWould you tak[...]

The Penitant by Tiggie Rose
Filed in: rhyme, punishment, waiting, attention

The sunlight peeps through the window's blinds.From the corner I watch it, much on my mind.At a sharp word from him, I turn back around,my face towards the wall, my knees on the ground.I thought about[...]

tripping the wires of desire by The Enigmatic Angel
Filed in: intensity, pleasure, imagery, play

it becomes like a drug the intensity of the moment  you crave it so  you need your fix  you need that explosion inside your mind and the complete and utter surrender of your flesh&nb[...]

The BBW Submissive by ChocletRN
Filed in: submission, bbw

Look at the strength in the BBW Look at the strength in her eyes Look at the strength in her smile Look at the strength in her beauty Look at the strength in her thighs Look at the strength in h[...]

Ode to its Master by bernard young
Filed in: love, master, happiness, ode

How does it love its MASTER Let it count the ways; it desires to see SIR'S smile Each and every day. SIR'S smile brings joyful tears To this very grateful soul; What’s pleasing to its MASTER Is[...]

You Might Be Kinky If... by luna
Filed in: humor, kinky, thoughts

You might be kinky if you remove sight by a blindfold. Own a pair of handcuffs and use them. Your version of 9 ½ weeks includes whipped cream and chocolate sauce. You have more leather than a[...]

Words by Sa'eela
Filed in: master, words, soul, meaning

my day is filled with words words to describe, words that teach, words for play and words for soothing each day they pour out of my soul for hours on end filling reams of paper disk after disk of byt[...]

Witch's Spell by RavynVampyre
Filed in: bound, treasure, spell, darkness

The words have been chosen, the spell written. Such are the words which entrap the souls of mortal men which lead them into the flames of eternal lust and desires. Simple mortal of my choosing heed th[...]

Why by Greg's little one
Filed in: surrender, devotion, anger, choice

At times i'm so angry,  and then hear His voice. i'm quickly reminded,  this life was my choice. As quick as it comes,  its seems to fade away. In Him i find comfort,  At [...]

When Trust Is Broken by ChocletRn
Filed in: submission, loss, relationship, heartbreak

She sat in her girlfriends arms thankful for her warm embrace. “Don't cry baby girl” she said “wipe those tears from your face”.  “But it's over we are finishe[...]

When I Hold My Breath I Don't Want to Exhale... by little pet
Filed in: love, control, passion, intense, breath

When I am in the throws of passion and the feelings of Love are so intense I cannot handle one more second, I hold my breath...   And when I exhale I am deserving and worthy.     When [...]

What to Watch For by SageSpot
Filed in: potential, prayers, thoughts

Potential Can be So very Deadly. Hope Springs Eternal In the Vanquished Mind. Prayers Seem to Be direct Links To those Who Could save You - Taunt You - Slander You - [...]

True Surrender by Sir Postal's girl
Filed in: joy, learning, surrender, pain, time

I've been in pain for a long time. I allowed the sorrows of yesterday to take me far away. But, recent events have shown me the joys of today. As time passes and the seasons change, it is clear to me[...]

True Beauty by allurement
Filed in: soul, beauty, fire

How beautiful you are to me, with those eyes that burn like sunshine. When did you become a part of me? When did you take my hand... and lead me into the[...]

Treasure Island by luna
Filed in: love, pleasure, passion, pantoum, treasure

Now is the time to seek and you shall find, My reason for living has turned to look upon you. I have shaded my past and left it behind, Blossoming to create a life anew. My reason for living has turn[...]

To Master by Sa'eela
Filed in: joy, passion, owned

strength he is steel beneath tender caresses a granite foundation for my feet but his eyes light my life with passion and joy twinkling with teasing flaring with fires wild, frightening but controlle[...]

The Worth of a Slave by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: love, power, slave, dom, play party, sub

The Play Party had run it's course The floggers were stored with care The last guest had been seen to the door; No more this night to share   As Master of the House I locked the door and[...]

the toybox by luna
Filed in: toys, whip, flogger, crop, cane

expertly crafted, box-weaved-- Rubber Whip stings. twenty tailed, braided-handle-- Suede Flogger slaps. slender rod, leather-ended-- Riding Crop snaps. strong leather split-in-two-- English Tawse [...]

The Scent of Love by luna
Filed in: love, scent, comfort

It’s nothing recognizable and yet it hypnotizes your senses so that all you ever smell is that love; overpowering. Wrapping you in the comfort of home, the memory of childhood or scenes of passi[...]

The Ride by ChocletRN
Filed in: fisting, rhyme

“Lay back precious, enjoy the ride”.  “If you think this is good wait until its inside” Lying back on my back my eyes open wide  I want to feel it way deep down in[...]

The Pressure of Glass by SageSpot
Filed in: awake, empty, despair

I lay awake as always Surrounded by my nothingness Empty of all emotion A half salvaged vessel on the sand. Why can I not weep? Moments of despair Along the owls wings. Bullfights in my mind. Langua[...]

The Pain She Knew by ChocletRN
Filed in: polyamory, growth, pain, loss, questions

Staring out that dark window There seemed no light insight Through all of her journey She never had to physically fight   Things changed so quickly then eyes opened now and there she was Th[...]

The morning after by Greg's little one
Filed in: submission, memories, awake, morning

Awakining arms around me warmth,comfort Contentment.   Scents lingering Inhaling deeply lips turning slowly upward Safety   Fingers searching His hand tight in my hair My lips forced up to [...]

The Master's Touch by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: learning, dom, death, epitaph, farewell

The old dom lay upon his deathbed, his body worn and grey.His sons, his students and submissives gathered about him, though long had they dreaded to see this day.He knew that his long journey was a[...]

The Masochist Ode #4 by Pantheris
Filed in: passion, ode, secrets, exchange

What secrets I have exploredwith the guidance of your handpulling the reins that are the ribbonsthat lift me airborne -and so - silken sensations escorta brutal desire. Is it?subtle, is it savage...T[...]

The Masochist Ode #3 by Pantheris
Filed in: control, pleasure, pain, ode

Would you rend me intonothingness, would you takemy spirit and crush it toyour shape and fancy?There is a fierce ardencethat punctuates your senses,especially when we shiftfrom hobbyists to artisans i[...]

The Masochist Ode #2 by Pantheris
Filed in: ode, unknown, madness, bound

...and I never once uttera protest howeversubtle or vehementwhen you take your leave,but it is truethat I diminish along with youwhen you must recede elsewhere.Between us, there are depths thatbecome [...]

The Masochist Ode #1 by Pantheris
Filed in: pleasure, trust, ode

Can I celebrateat casting away independenceand watch it face as surrendersets in, until my very life is leftdangling upon the slightest whimsand fancies of your mind?Pure trust is what shifts mefrom c[...]

The Ideal by luna
Filed in: ideal, perfection, pantoum, steps

We strive for the ideal. Never knowing exactly where that begins and where we place now; driving us further to perfection somehow. Never knowing exactly where that begins; our hearts and minds ab[...]

Five Gifts by luna
Filed in: submission, gifts

I lay before You, Five precious gifts, Sparkling in their wrappings, They are each for You, To decorate Your life, And to begin my journey. Unwrapping the first, I smile at You, This is my body, Mas[...]

The Dragon by Sir Postal's girl
Filed in: fear, passion, dragon, wicked

The only way she could feel the passion was to wake the sleeping Dragon. She touched His heart, her hands turned bloody with desire, and her soul opened up to the knowledge of wicked passion. She carr[...]

The Dance by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: abuse, submissive, lonely, belief, search

A lonely submissive slowly climbed the stairsAnd unto her computer did go Her movements were slow and filled with painHer limbs were stiff and slow   She eased herself into the chairAnd tr[...]

The Cost of My Wings or How to Change Your Gods by SageSpot
Filed in: life, memories, sickness, demons, anguish, wings, gods

Sickness began clinging to my internal potential,        Closely followed by madness and fruitless motions.        I had beginning[...]

The Collar by luna
Filed in: love, power, trust, release, collar

With all its glittering, weighted mentioning Power to strengthen a wavering heart; Whether solid metal, chain or leather, It takes all love, control and encompasses all Simple, symbolic and mentally o[...]

The Collar by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: submissive, collar, sister

It's just a piece of leather That rests upon my neck There are no jewels upon it Nothing for which your eye to beck.   But to a submissive it has such meaning That no Vanilla could hope to [...]

The Chain by bernard young
Filed in: love, trust, chain, commitment

The chain he wore around his neck Lovingly spoke of his honor, respect Linked closed by one, he trusts most A chain, unbroken, he proudly hosts. Not many know the weight of the chain Ne’er be r[...]

The Best that I Could Do by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: love, best, munch, devotion, story

The munch had ended in the usual way, With good friends saying their goodby's in the parking lot. The Doms and the subs, each bidding the other farewell, With exchanged numbers, hugs and soft k[...]

Tears by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: tears, trust, collar

There were tears upon my leathers,Tears upon her faceTears of anger and denialOf shame and loss and disgraceThe lie in which I had caught herShe knew would cost her dearShe knew what I now had to doTh[...]

Taken by Sa'eela
Filed in: pleasure, surrender, taken

surprised in the night by the thief of thieves caught by his smile laughing eyes letting my guard down hands that sting his fiery soul playing giggles turn to moans touches to flames breathless and [...]

Submissive I Will Be by Slave Marie
Filed in: love, submissive, pleasure

I am a submissive I will not fear what my Master will do upon my body I will give into all that he seeks I will not shelter nor cover myself when his hand brushes my skin I will moan with pleasu[...]

Submissive by Slave Marie
Filed in: submissive, pledge

As a submissive I will honor you I will obey any commands you give me I shall not speak unless I am spoken to I shall not open my mouth when the strap comes in contact with my flesh I will give[...]

Submission by eva
Filed in: submission, love, pleasure, happiness

snuggling in the crook of his arm ultimate bliss beauty in sharing the moment.  Exhilaration and intense longing  as he gently kisses my lips strong desires as he places his hand on my thigh[...]

Slaves Need by Greg's little one
Filed in: desire, need, waiting

There is a need, inside this little one. A need that is much more, than just some fun. i need Him near, to see His eyes. i need to show Him, whats inside. i need Him beside me, to feel His arms. i n[...]

Sipping coffee by MistofDreams
Filed in: rebirth, coffee

Sipping coffee early in the morning Watching the sun rise, a new day born What adventures await me this day None can say, none can say Sipping my coffee as the sweet due makes itself known Reflectin[...]

She sits and waits by MistofDreams
Filed in: desire, longing, waiting

She sits and waits then wonders why Yes she does want to be at his side But should she just anticipates the call Or should she just shuck it all She thinks of his smile His laughter his touch The [...]

Ready and Willing by luna
Filed in: submission, scene, kneeling

Kneeling before him Hands bound behind My eyes do not dare look up I see the horsehair flogger Sitting at his hip The pleasure and pain Delivered  from this instrument Drives this girl wild Shif[...]

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