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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Questions of a Submissive by luna
Filed in: submission, questions

How do you like it? Are you a soft and gentle master Or a cold unyielding lord? Will you treat me to pains And pleasures alike; Those I am familiar And those I'd like to explore? Do you have the pati[...]

Promise by Sa'eela
Filed in: dreams, desire, longing

dreaming.. of the first time seeing you your eyes meeting mine knowing.. you'll lift my hand brush it softly with warm lips your eyes on fire feeling.. the pent-up passion my deep need of you a shiv[...]

Power Exchange by slave jar-jar
Filed in: erotic, rhyme, passion, power exchange

Power exchange so sweet, so delicate and tender Requires trust, release before pleasure is rendered Arouses one’s senses beyond taste, touch and feel Nothing coquettish, role-play dominates the [...]

Pensive by November
Filed in: submission, bondage

i sit here, writing in the flickering candlelight, my wrists and ankles bound by heavy black leather. The supper i made has cooled on the stove top and still B is not home. He had some things He neede[...]

Passion by Sa'eela
Filed in: desire, pleasure

just his presence sets her heart racing makes her body throb her lips ache for his his eyes, filled with fire turned banked embers to infernos, flames of need, filling her with molten desire and the[...]

Ode to Pain by Sa'eela
Filed in: pleasure, pain, personification, lover

ah, pain! you are my constant companion more faithful than my lover and more jealous of my smiles you follow me like[...]

My Masters Gift of Love by Slave Marie
Filed in: ceremony, collar, pledge, vow

I kneel before you on this day of collaring The ceremony you will perform and take me to my highest limits I shall be forever yours I will except all that you will do I will give myself total to [...]

My Master by Valeriexo
Filed in: master, definition

My Master is powerful My Master is steadfast My Master is benevolent   The very summons of his voice sends to places unknown, undiscovered Ruling my mind, taking possession of my body and soul &n[...]

My Dearest Master by Slave Marie
Filed in: love, pleasure, surrender, pain

I want to start off by saying I love you I can't live my life without you You have shown me another life I can't go without The pain you leave upon my body when you close the door behind, it's li[...]

My Bell by luna
Filed in: bondage, scene, bell

My Master has given me a bell For when he covers my mouth On a basic level it is my voice Cause I cannot cry out But He says it is “my” bell Why is this so? It is my bell cause it is[...]

Master Russ by Slave Marie
Filed in: desire, surrender, cravings

Tie me and caress me down Chain me and make me surrender Show your love through the pain you put upon my body Bite me and give me the ecstasy that we desire Make me beg for the spankings I crave[...]

Master No More by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: rhyme, entrapment, danger, predator

As the Master of the House entered the room He saw what was not there Her clothes, her books, her private things... Even the walls were bare. No submissive greeting did call to him, No [...]

Love Untitled by luna
Filed in: love, rhyme, feelings, ode

Oh beautiful Venus, come hear my song! My muse, Yea, hallowed goddess, belong, Amidst my lyrical passion filled quest; Resolving love's difficulty, may I be blessed. Lovers in history search for an e[...]

Leather, Rope and Steel by luna
Filed in: submission, bondage, control, pleasure, soul

Bind my body Ensnare my soul Tease the senses My  thoughts, You control Take me with You On this journey of seduction Your hands can show me The world I long to know You hold the key To[...]

Kneeling Senryu by luna
Filed in: scene, kneeling, senryu

Kneeling; like the moon's soft reflective gaze bathing Master's face Within the moment the day has fallen away to just mere seconds Cool sweat dripping from freshly marked, reddened skin to dance p[...]

Kajira's love for her Master by RavynVampyre
Filed in: desire, master, slave, soulmates

My Master voice becons out to me, His voice gentle as the night's breeze. His voice cools the flames upon my flesh. Amongst all I am His favorite, I dare not glance up at His handsome face, But yearn [...]

Incomplete by Sa'eela
Filed in: d/s, memories, rebirth

he came to her laughing.. playing her game teasing.. teaching.. guiding her heart bruised hidden he showed her the way made pain into joy pushed her into places she'd never dared he shared his soul[...]

Inadequate by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, words, feelings

i prided myself on my eloquence i relished the form of the words forcing them to say what my heart felt but there was you pushing me without a touch urging me to speak what i felt and suddenly the f[...]

I Kneel Down So I Can See A Higher Place... by little pet
Filed in: submission, love, trust, pledge

When I kneel down and look up into Your eyes,   I see the pure Love You give and I am filled completely.     When I lower my head for you to place my collar on me,   I see the p[...]

I Bow To You by Slave Marie
Filed in: punishment, service, obedience

I bow before my Master and take my punishment. I am sorry I let you down. Let my tears show and my backside bare the pain I shall receive. I give you the count I must have as the whip makes its mark I[...]

How Will You Spank Me? by luna
Filed in: spanking, rhyme, parody

(parody) How will You spank me? Must i beg Your touch? You spank me with Your paddle, crop or hand. my form bent over, trying not to stand i struggle inside believing, “that didn’t hurt&he[...]

His property by ChocletRn
Filed in: submission, desire, want, weakness

I want to belong to him  That doesn't make me weak    I need to be His   That doesn't make me weak    I serve Him in all I do  That doesn't make me weak   [...]

HIM revisted by allurement
Filed in: savior, begging, lamb

Won't you be my savior          tonight... Sacrifice the lamb...   on those cotton sheets... Kiss away the screams.. stare into the face of my &n[...]

HIM by allurement
Filed in: longing, sensations, obedience, feeling

When I hear his voice.... I tremble... I feel his breath on my neck, so very warm and close I have waited so long for my heart and soul to work together. for my lips to speak the words &nb[...]

Greed by Sir Postal's girl
Filed in: pleasure, pain, greed

When she finds the goodness, it will be bound in pain all just for her. She will cry out with gladness and beg to be set free as her body glistens with need and her heart aches with greed. Greed for[...]

Golden Chain by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, heart, soul, gifts, chain

a golden chain links her heart to his binds her to him in her love the words he speaks a gift to her soul her replies are soft whispers gentle caresses they share their souls gifting each other with[...]

Gifts by Sa'eela
Filed in: d/s, slavery, heart, gifts

the first were small she gifted him a smile he returned with his own she gave her time obeyed for a brief interlude and he gave her a gift of new knowledge, new sensations he claimed to be a thief a[...]

Infections of the Heart by Greg's little one
Filed in: desire, memories, loss

Insatiable desires were lostWith every lie in your eye.i gave and gaveDid you even try?   Nothing remainsOf what we use to be.i'm holding onto nothingAlone with only me.   You laughed at[...]

Fire in My Soul by luna
Filed in: desire, soul, cravings

There is a fire in my soul burning and craving a single fuel It aches constantly And isn't far from my mind. The fire was started by me To provide warmth Comfort, ecstasy When everything I knew fail[...]

Fellatio by selkie
Filed in: service, oral sex, pleasure, worship

She falls to her knees, patterning intricate mandela patterns on white flesh, as she bows to Cernunnos. Pale marbled flesh and blue veined rigidity seduce her rebellious spirit as glistening trails o[...]

Feel You by SageSpot
Filed in: feelings, communication

Its the writing of the damned, the maimed, the cursed, and the highly educated. Its like listening to Tool on a weekday, right before the sun drops below the mountains, when you're all alone. Its the[...]

Exposed... by November
Filed in: hiding, openness

i have so many little ways of hiding, my secret defenses of which others are unaware. They take many shapes and forms. Some recognizable, like a favorite sweater, tatty and worn, others more insi[...]

Embrace the Darkness by RavynVampyre
Filed in: orgasm denial, control, pleasure, lust

I thrive off the lust of man is what I truly feed from. To make a man lust for me, in wonderful ways, he can not imagine. To Make his blood boil, so I can take from him. To have him beg for re[...]

Dominant View by luna
Filed in: dominance, power, pleasure, pain

Kneel before me and show me your devotion, I'll place you upon a pedestal in my heart. Serve me with joy and happiness always And I will be always grateful for you. Take pleasure in the pain I admin[...]

Dark Seduction by RavynVampyre
Filed in: dreams, beauty, possession

In darkness it is spoken of one such as I , the dark seductress who haunts your every dream, for they say my embrace is ecstasy and death. And yet you are haunted by my dark beauty. dancing eyes, the [...]

Dark Knight by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, slave, mystery, contract

'twas a dark night when i met you my dark knight. ye came to me stealthily hiding in shadows keeping secrets aye, ye were full of mystery, and yet... hauntingly familiar was your voice as if from a [...]

Dangers of her Darkness by Greg's little one
Filed in: tears, waiting

Here alone, in this bed, i wish these thoughts, would leave my head. These thoughts of dout,anger, hurt. Go away now, you cannot lurk. Its quiet here, in this place. Once again, naked i wait. My te[...]

Dance of the Veil by luna
Filed in: music, desire, slave, dance, veil, need

The slave rises carefully from his lap, her soft body standing before her Master, her breasts glowing in the light, a girl's short flowing skirt shimmering gold, the small bells on her ankles ringing [...]

Dance of the Naked Slave by luna
Filed in: music, erotic, desire, slave, dance, nude

The slave stands softly, fingers gliding across the soft flesh of her thighs, her short coral silk robe cinched at the waist, full breasts peaking out from behind the fabric, silver bangles jingling[...]

Cry by allurement
Filed in: submission, tears, memories, release

    At first I gave him... what I knew I could give.... The flesh for the taking.... the easy part. Something I had mastered, long before I knew him. Such a sacraficial lamb, and yet I.[...]

Candles, Satin and Leather by luna
Filed in: submission, lifestyle, scene, heart

The rhythmic beat of the drums in the background Challenge my heart to the same beat Adrenaline pumps through my veins Heightening sensations Raising the heat I stand at attention, eyes down Hands cl[...]

Broken by Sa'eela
Filed in: pleasure, pain, tears, memories, loss

curled in a ball whimpering softly in her sleep she lies impish grin forgotten her pain fresh, welted her heart harshly crushed where is that spirit now the wildness that danced rampant gone.. gone [...]

Breathless by eva
Filed in: flogging, scene, ownership, kissing

Breathless in anticipation Leather cuffs bind me He blindfolds me My heart skips a beat As his fingers tickle my breasts I feel a gentle kiss on my lips I shiver with desire unable to move The flogg[...]

Bound by Sa'eela
Filed in: bondage, desire, pleasure, passion

she glanced up and suddenly found herself bound captured her heart stolen by a dark thief playful games turned deadly serious laughter gone her heart racing at the touch of his lips on the back of h[...]

Blue by Sir Postal's girl
Filed in: masochism, desire, truth

In the coolness of today lies waiting the truth of tomorrow. Among the blues of cruelty lie hidden her joys of forever. The tears flow freely as she learns the truth of her desires while seated beneat[...]

As I Embark by luna
Filed in: lifestyle, control, power, adventure

On this new adventure I sense the challenges ahead They excite me I look at you The power and control Coolly displayed  on your face Restraints in hand As you bend to secure my bonds The tension[...]

Arabesque by Sa'eela
Filed in: music, slave, dance, veil

she floats gracefully into his vision, moving silently, daintily on her rounded hennaed feet. soft silken scarves adorn her revealing only enough to tantalize, to make him hunger for a glimpse of mor[...]

All These Faded Novembers by November
Filed in: memories, forever, sadness

All these faded Novembers slip past leaving me with the stale dusty taste of things forgotten on my tongue Maybe I haven’t the memories… Or perhaps I haven’t the heart. Sometime[...]

All I Want by luna
Filed in: desire, pleasure, pain, want

The fear I once had, Has been dissolved, In an instant of pain. That pain so thrilling, I can only crave it again. My mind was so uncertain, Till that door was opened. Bring me to that sweet pa[...]

Affirmation by luna
Filed in: love, service, master, worship

I could never love another, As I do my Master today. I could never hold one so close to my heart, Than my Love, my God and my King. He is my world, my everlasting; My strength, my hope, my future. Wit[...]

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